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Found 280 results

  1. Install, Upload onto FSX REX Essential + Overdrive We recently purchased REX essential + overdrive for my sons computer... Our platform is Windows 7 We followed the installation instructions to a "T". We have REX icon on desktop. We open REX to select textures, it loads textures (so it says), then asks us if we want to fly. We click YES but nothing happens. We then open FSX via FSX icon on desktop and try to find REX textures, but they are nowhere to be found. We click on top bar at Add-ons but see no REX title. We only see PMDG title. HELP, please Eagle, Eagle_Soars_1998
  2. I have top spec computer designed purely for FSX, Nividia 650 card, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with FSX running in compatability mode for windows xp and several add on aircraft. Unfortunately as brilliant as this product is I can never complete a flight with REX running. It either freezes mid flight or gives Fatal error on the descent, sometimes the ASI fails on both instruments or the auto throttle runs up an overspeed. Is there a patch for this and if so where do I find it?
  3. Hello, will rexep connect with fsuipc (registered)? I ask because I figured out, that there is a problem with such connections on my computer. there is a file called "fsuipc4.key" which must contain an unique key for all addons that connect to fsuipc - but in my file there is not even one key; only my user data. the pilot client (ivap) of ivao reported this error to me, since I registered fsuipc. There seems to be a problem writing to that file, even when all addons and programms related to fsx run as admin. If rexep uses such a key, could I manually write it down there? best regards sebihepp
  4. I recently purchased Active Sky Evolution and want use it in conjunction with Real Environment. How do these two programs work together? Can you get the ASE WX engine and the REX textures? What's the best way to get the max out of using both programs?
  5. It can't download weather again when i run REX or go to weather function and choose "Use Real weather Data". If i choose "Use Archived Weather Data" on 6 Nov 12, it use normally. Please help and thank you Note : I think it may be can't connect ur weather server. My error log : ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: ucWeatherControl.setWeatherOptions Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  6. Hello all, I have an issue which has now popped up a couple of times. After long periods where everything pretty much works flawlessly, I'll suddenly have issues getting wx injected into FSX. Data loads and processes fine, and the wx engine seems to update and show current wx, but nothing changes in FSX and I get no indication of wx updating. In each case, the solution has been to do a repair install and reconfigure, but I'm wondering if the real key here isn't that the repair install basically clears my configuration. Some additional details: I didn't see the problem until yesterday, but clearly something happened during my last flight the day before. On that flight, wx seemed to inject properly based on the altimeter setting at the start and the update bar, though conditions were "severe clear" so there wasn't much to see as the flight progressed. In my error folder on that day, I see errors corresponding to each update (every 15 minutes) that look like this: Class Location: frmWxEngine.loadWSWeather Error: Exception from HRESULT: 0xC000020D The following day I could not get wx to inject into FSX at all, and my logs contained this for every attempt: Class Location: frmWxEngine.loadWSWeather Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Again, everything is working again, following a repair install of the update and resetting of my configuration, but I'm wondering if there isn't 1) a way to prevent recurrence and 2) a kinder, gentler fix :-) . Thanks as always, Scott
  7. Hello to everyone !. I've been having the same problem with FS9/REX as mentioned here http://www.realenvir...__1#entry146359 Overspeeds inflight during REX weather updates. Aicraft overloaded/overdrawn. I purchased/registered copy of FSUIPC and REX Extreme for FS9. I just need to know what to check to help fix this problem. There should be a list of settings in FSUIPC, but i have found nothing here. Hooks, Parameters, Settings ?. Does anyone hold a link or thread to solve that annoying problem ?. This topic-link blw doesn't work. Thx, cheers P.S. Please see this topic about the FSUIPC settings (#4). Keep in mind that these settings are for FSX. I hope they are working for FS9. Hope this helps. I think that worked..!
  8. Make flight plan using quick key. Loads info to sim then when I hit start FS it minimizes to taskbar and sits. Flightplan saves in REX directory not FS flight directory. Tried to load flightplan from sim pointing at the REX flight folder and FS says can only load from the FS directory?? Im stuck.. Thanks
  9. I've gotten the following error in my logs. Can you tell me what's causing it, does it require attention, and how to fix? Thanks mm ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmWxEngine.loadWeatherEnginePlus Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  10. Is anyone else noticing the weather data in REX is off by a day? I am getting METAR's from the 17th zulu day around 0100z which would have been yesterday. IE: KSFO 170056Z metar is what I am getting. Can someone verify I am not doing something wrong in my setup? METARs that I observed like this for reference are: KBFI - KSFO - KLAX - KBOS - KMDW
  11. Hello, I'm noticing that my temps aloft in the region I predominantly fly around (Bahamas, South Florida area) seem to be way off from the actual real world data. Any particular reason for this? Btw, I'm using REX 2004 with overdive. Thanks J.C.
  12. Hello Everyone! I installed REXESS-Plus yesterday after i had downlaoded it from my account at FSS ( i am not on OD yet). As far as i can say for now, it all looks and seems to work quite alright, although i had not got the time to really look into it in more detail by now. Anyways: What is missing though is my P3D licence key - although i have done a comlete restore from the REX servers - back-up! The restore-process seemed to have worked perfectly as all my textures and settings returned - all that is missing though is my P3D key. Any ideas what to do best? Thank You very much in advance! Cheers, Christoph
  13. Hi, I bought a P3D license key in REX Essential Plus and activated it with success. After downloading and installing the Overdrive I found that P3D access was not active any longer. I tried to restore my configuration as explained in the forum but it did not work. I'm not really sure I backed it up (also tried a password recovery procedure just to be sure it was not a wrong password issue). Moreover, I was hoping that REX Ess Plus OD would have solved the problem with too long weather download time, which is very annoying and making REX almost unusable to me, but unfortunely it did not help. Any suggestion would be very appreciated. Regards, Stefano
  14. Greetings, I'm confused about something I may have done wrong. The next two pic's show a layer that seems to semi transparent? Did I miss something in the settings, or did I turn something down? Thanks...
  15. Hi, on Fsstore(05/01/2013) it's explain that for update my version order fss0074173 build 2.2.2010.1027 I can obtain an update here but on this forum (november2012)I read that if I bought at fss it's better that I download the full version.I suppose in this case that it's more sure but then I do download many GBytes than a simply update.But may be it's more sure to obtain a properly new version. I post that because from november 2012 to january 2013 it as changed (?) Thanks for your answer Michel
  16. Hi. As a casual flightsim user I only seem to get immersed when we have these dark nights in the UK. And each year I've forgotten most of what I grasped the year before! The upgrade to Essentials certainly hasn't made it easier for us flightsim lightweights to understand (not a complaint, just an observation!) My question is this. I'm trying to understand what weather is 'left in' FSX after a REX initiated flight. For example, yesterday I selected Real Time Weather in REX and was then (I think) asked to put in an airport code. I then selected Fly Now anf setup a flight from the airport whose code I'd used. Everything worked as expected with accurate weather being injected to my short FSX flight. Today I loaded the REX interface and on startup it downloaded what I assume to be the up to date weather. I then immediately selected Fly Now. FSX loaded and I setup a flight from a completely different UK airport. The REX weather engine injected weather (as witnessed by the green bar). But what weather did it inject and how did REX know where I was flying from? At no point today did REX ask me to enter an airport code, so was I seeing the weather from the region I flew yesterday but now imposed on a completely different part of the UK? Or is REX smart enough to know where I'm flying anyway? Can anyone clarify this for me please as I can't quite get the logic clear in my head. Thanks. Bob.
  17. Howdy, Is it normal for REX Essential metar reports to be an hour behind the actual NOAA greenwich mean time metar reports? Thanks, ***Disregaurd must have just been an area in Russia I was in***
  18. Hello all, Recently reinstalled FSX/REX (according to the published uninstall/install procedures found on the forum and manual). Installed REX 2.3.2010.1027 then the Essentials Plus Overdrive upgrade on top of that (the upgrade found in this topic http://www.realenvir...20101027-users/). When I go to load textures from REX, my custom ocean/inland water color textures do not seem to install in sim. I am aware of the differences in waterclass from region to region, but there seems to be no change no matter where in the ocean I test, be it close to shore, far out at sea, near tropical areas, or far from tropical areas. I have tried installing textures that are bold green in color to bold blue, and each time the water textures look the same as default. I have tried running the database repair tool, with no luck to fix this problem. However, textures do seem to be created in the Temp Theme folder, why they are not making it to the sim though...is why I'm here. My ErrorLog file only reads: ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: ucThemeTropical.addNewRecord Error: The INSERT INTO statement contains the following unknown field name: 'type'. Make sure you have typed the name correctly, and try the operation again. A search through the forums did not yield any results for my problem. I recall bringing this problem up some time in the past, only to have gone ignored and have lived with it since then. Now that I've taken the time to reinstall however, I would like to finally be able to take full advantage of the product I paid for. Help and support to accomplish this end will be most appreciated.
  19. Good afternoon, I have the REX since its initial release. I recognize the effort by the responsible technical forum in aid of users over the years. But I'm missing update real time factor in my locality. (SBUR and SBUL). Regions are large and controlled airports, but whenever I need a check from the local station, the message: nearby weather stations. It would be a problem with local station? My version is the 3 5 2012 1029, entered the Flight Aware, Windows 7 64, run as administrator. Anyway, I wish everyone Happy Holidays New Year with wishes of much peace and health.
  20. OPTIONS MANAGER On page 29 of the manual it reads: "Once the textures have been loaded into flight simulator, un-checking the box does NOT cause them to be uninstalled. It means that you can load the textures into flight simulator and then uncheck that box and REX Essential+ won’t install them again in the future. As described below for the water textures, this can save a LOT of time. It will require anywhere from 6 to 15 minutes, depending on the system, to load textures if all boxes are checked. This time can be significantly reduced (down to 1 minute) by de-selecting all the water texture boxes. For those folks that want to continue to experiment with various other texture sets, but don’t want to wait the lengthy load times, we recommend that you install the water textures once, then de-select all water texture boxes. Because water textures were already installed, they will remain installed throughout subsequent texture installs as described above and the install time will drop significantly. If you would like to experiment with different water textures, those water check boxes must be checked." Questions relating to above 1. Is there a way of uninstalling a particular texture and revert to using the FSX default (for example, switch off just Wave Animation or Aircraft Stobe) but continue using all other previously checked REX options? 2. Can I switch off all REX textures (reverting to FSX defaults) and just use the REX weather - I don't particularly want to do this, I just wondered if it could be done and how to do it? WEATHER Question about using Archived weather: I'm not quite clear on how this works? For example: I select a specific date in the past when I know there was a particularly bad storm between 1830 and 2100 hours. I then select to" FLY NOW". If in FSX I select to start my flight at 1800 hours (on that same date) will the storm start (allowing for REX wx injection points) approximately 30 minutes after I have taken off? Bruce (apologies for odd sized fonts - caused by pasting text from manual)
  21. I posted a message last month regarding the REX Essential plus O.D. upgrade and received a response that you were planning to possibly have a DVD, rather than a download, available in December. Are there still plans for this to be made available for purchase, rather than buying the entire retail product? There is no way I can download that huge update. I presently have REX 2 OD 2.5.2010.1029 (upgrade) # FSS0096285.
  22. I downloaded and ran dotnetfx.exe and received the above error message. Further explanation said: This product is not supported on a 64 bit operating system. Setup will now exit. Is there a 64 bit version available? If so where do I get it. Thanks, Roger Williams
  23. In the main area of REX Essentials Overdrive, are settings to build a weather scenario from scratch--visibility layers, winds, cloud coverage, etc. When I try to "Fly Now" after setting up a weather scenario, an error message says that an internet connection is required, please close and restart REX when connected. WHY? I am using REX without internet. I enjoy loading the weather scenarios that REX loads for you when you go that route. But I would also like to build from scratch using the main settings.
  24. Hello, I am using REX version 2.5.2010.1027 (overdrive). I see that the Overdrive pack for Essentials has been released, can I ask which version should I be downloading to upgrade my install to Essentials, and where can I find a download link? If it's relevant, I am using the DVD version of REX2.
  25. I'd like to thank REX for their outstanding product. Essential Plus is brilliant, as a former real world pilot flying in Australia, the latest textures are so real it brings back many fond hours spent flying around various locations in Australia. The real time weather is so accurate - I look out my games room window at the time I'm flying in the same area using REX, it's a mirror copy. Don't change a thing!
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