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Found 280 results

  1. i tired some airports such as jfk or kord unable to get real weather klax and ksan worked also unable with europe. any ideas?
  2. Hello all. I would like to have greener water colours in Tropical waters. This acid blue is annoying for me. When I want to Tweak a little the colour of tropical bottoms, when I press "save" nad give name to that specific "water theme", that theme is not saved. ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: ucThemeTropical.addNewRecord Error: The INSERT INTO statement contains the following unknown field name: 'type'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then retry the operation. Just to see what I mean.... Regards
  3. Hi, I upgraded from REX2.0 to REX/REXEP (build 3.1.2012.1028), and I'd like to know whether this is the correct and latest version of the product that I should be using. Thanks, Fabio
  4. wow in my REX 2.0 i see the help button .when i look at the manual it is showing numbers and some crazy wording. it opens up in my notepad. do i have to do something to be able to read the help manual . thanks for the help .
  5. When I download weather it seems to update ok but I noticed that the metar_report.xml file is only 1kb which I believe is no good. As a result I cannot download it to my electronic flight bag. Any suggestions on what i can do to get the whole weather file? Order number:973802 DonMcDaniel
  6. Since I purchased the USB version of REX Essential Plus OD, what steps of 1 thru 6 would still be applicable on page 2 of the SP1-beta-read-me? thanks, brandon
  7. I was just curious but when you start FSX is the weather in FSX suppose to switch from "clear skys" to "user defined"? Iv set it up just like the manual says. I just want to verify that the program is doing what its suppose to. Thank you!!!!!
  8. i get the thunder great . but i have never seen lightning yet. any ideas .thanks
  9. Hello: I have an issue with dust when cruising at high altittudes. I though it might be a ENB Problem, but its not. ( I'm using 24h ENB). The thing is, I could never see the horizon (specially when flying over the sea) properly at 35000 feet. Visibility Smoothing and Realistic Haze layer seem not to affect this dust. Regards, Nuga. P.D.: If I can figure out how to post images, I'll post some.
  10. is there a manual for installing REX 2.0 . i have downloaded it and unzip it but im lost after that .thanks god bless.
  11. Hi, today i downloaded the REX Essential plus 3.1.2012.1028 from my account at flightsimstore, now I want to install it previously deleting the REX old version 2.0.2010.611, after install REX Essential plus 3.1.2012.1028 without any older version, can i upgrade it directly to version REXEP OD Build 3.5.2012.1029. I ask this because following the upgrade flow chart the only way to upgrade it´s starting from REX2 build 2.3.2010.1027 and REX2+OD Build 2.5.2010.1027. Thank´s in advance Alberto
  12. For some reason, everytime I load a real FP, and my actual local time is 16:30 (GMT-5) the plan is loaded with departure of 00:00 and is always night flying...when I save the FP, I do change the time in the dropdown box but it doesnt change the flight time in game...any idea what could be happening?
  13. Dear all, I am already little bit lost in versions. Is there any standard way how I can find out what is mine installed version and what is the latest available version for installation ? many thanks ! JM
  14. These clouds does not look like REX clouds. They re so puffy and low clouds are flats. Will you please verify if we are looking at REX clouds? http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/1681/rexclouds.jpg
  15. Hello,i click on just want to fly and the textures ect load half way through my whole screen flashes and goes black and it then goes back to the REX interface again and just sits there? ps. i then click fly now and it just flashes? no radar...... thanks as always james.
  16. I'm running REX Essential Plus HD on Windows 7. Everything had been working fine until just recently. When I select Wx Plus mode I get the same rainy, overcast weather instead of the actual weather or selected weather theme. It seems to work fine in Standard Wx mode and I can get current weather and themes. I got to looking in the error logs and found several errors of the type below where there is a path missing. Sure enough when I look at the REX Essential Plus directory the path for WxTheme is missing. Is this the reason I'm not getting any change to the weather in Plus mode? If not, what is causing it and how do I fix it? If this is the cause for my problems, any idea how I would have lost the WxTheme sub-directory and is there a way to repair it? Also, I see references to a database repair tool. Where can I find the tool and any chance it will help solve my problem? ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: weathertheme.generateWindVisSmoothingWTBFile Error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\REX Essential Plus\WxTheme\current.asm'. Thanks Mike
  17. Hi, I just installed REXE+ and, on my first flight, am having a temperature problem. I'm flying just north of John Wayne Airport (KSNA) at 4000 ft and my OAT indicator (the thermometer above the copilot's head in a C182) is showing 5F at 4000 ft.. REXE+ says it's supposed to be 2C at 5000ft. To verify this, in FSX (looking at the weather dialog) it also says the temperature is 5F outside. My engine keeps dying...due to icing maybe (I have REXE+ icing off but, perhaps, FSX is just sensing I'm in an untenable situation even with carb heat and pitot heat on. So, it's messed up so I reset my sim with ctrl-;. After that, on the ground the temperature in my OAT without the engines running says it's 28F (pretty cold for LA) while in the REX GUI it shows the temperature at the surface to be 8C which would be about 56F (back of the envelop). Okay, finally, I reset REXE+ and told it to reload the weather and the OAT went to 51F...much better. I restarted the flight and, once again, as I climbed to 4000, the temperature dropped like a rock to 0F. Something's not right. I don't have any other wx engine running. FSX weather is set to User Defined, The only other add-on I have running are EZDoc and FSUIPC. I don't have any wx options turned on in FSUIPC other than wind smoothing (which, I think, is the default because I never touched it.). Last thing I did was shut REXE completely down and load FSX real world weather while still at 4000 ft. The OAT immediately went to 40F. I ran REXE+ again, manually set FSX WX back to custom and had it load it's weather. Temperature dropped right back down to 0F. REXE knows what the temperature is supposed to be (as displayed in the Winds Aloft box) but that's not what it's putting into FSX. I then tried the setting to use VATSIM data and the temperature at 4000 read correctly at 40F. Maybe that's a work around. Clearly, something's not right here. Regards, Gregg EDIT: Today I tried the same flight and the temperature was fine without the VATSIM wx. It's disconcerting that it happened on my very first flight but, maybe it was a data issue? Hard to say. One other thing. I'm trying to practice my instruments flying from KSNA to KLAX at 2000 ft with 1 mile vis. I set a visibility layer at every altitude from 100 ft to 2500 ft. and turning off real world visibility. As I climb, everything is fine...1 mile vis until I get up to about 1700 ft and then, all of the sudden, the vis clears up and I have about 10 miles vis. It looks like real world weather has overridden my vis layers. Tried it in both WX PLUS and Standard Mode. Is there some other way to do this?
  18. Hi All, I signed-up to the "Real Flight Plans" with-in REX and initially everything worked ok however, now when I run REX and select "Real Flight Plans" a small box appears saying "Your credit card has expired. Please enter a new credit card number". I thought this was strange as my card hasn't expired and when I went to update my card details I get another message saying exactly the same message about my card and expired. Funds have be paid from my card but I still can't access the Real Flight Plans section. I have tried to look for a - Contact us - type of section on the REX website but I can't find one, could someone here please advise me how to contact REX regarding this.
  19. Hello, I am having another issue with the FlightAware service. I am getting a message that says that my card has expired and asks me to enter a new card number. However, my card is still perfectly valid and I am still getting charged for the service. Restoring my account from the configuration menu does not work. I keep getting the expired card message. Thanks in advance for your help.
  20. Hello REX team, I have a question for REX database. How can I create a new database file. The reason for this is that my RexEss + Overdrive loaded the weather in the WX mode very slow in FSX. It took about 10 minutes and more. In WX Plus mode that went in 1 to 2 minutes. I copied it from my backup the database to the folder and see REX as the WX mode is also recharged quickly. Repairing the database using the REX tool has not helped. How can we create a new database file when the old one is not working. Sorry about my bad english, i use Google to tranlate Frank from EDDM
  21. Hi I have been away from FSX for a while. I purchased REX 2,0 back in the day, then I got OD, Essentials, Now I see there is a REX essential Plus OD. Is this something I have to invest more money to or something that I can get for free after owning the first few? If it is more like a free upgrade how do I go about getting this software? Thanks.
  22. Hi, I got REX Essential Plus for Xmas and have now had a chance to play around with it. I'm running FSX / REX Essential Plus on a Chillblast PC. 1) Performance measured by FPS has been very disappointing at times. When flying the FSX OOB Boeing 737 I'm finding the FPS since installing REX sometimes falls to between 10 - 15 out of London Heathrow or London Luton, even though I've bumped down Cloud Resolution to 512x512 in all 3 places and tried the 'Automatically set your performance levels by using the drop down list below'. In FSX I'm limiting the FPS target to 40, and without REX running it rarely falls below 32. 2) On several occasions in REX clouds I've been flying in overcast weather which looks very realistic only for the clouds to completely disappear minutes later when REX injects the next set of weather data. From my perspective I'd sooner not run REX than see the FPS drop away so significantly, so this is more pressing than the disappearing clouds issue. Any suggestions / thoughts? UPDATE 31/12/2012 - Flying out of London Stanstead this afternoon I saw the FPS drop from 25-30 to 12-18 when REX weather data updated in flight. I was flying the OOB 737 at about 10,000 feet. Took a screenshot which I can forward if it helps. TBH this level of performance degradation renders the product virtually unusable for me. Thanks BWG
  23. So, I downloaded REX Essential+ for Windows 7 64 bit. Everything goes fine, I select my textures in REX to be loaded into FSX and it goes through the normal installation procedure. I open up FSX, but when I load up a flight I get absolutely no change in textures. I re-installed REX and FSX, but I still get the same issue. It would be awesome If someone could help me out, I really want to find out why it isn't working.
  24. I recently upgraded to REX-ESS + OD from REX + OD and have been using the new Weather mode during my flights. There have been several instances now when I have landed at an airport under clear conditions, but as soon as I land and start to taxi it starts to rain. Just before I make the approach, I manually load the weather and REX signals that weather is completely loaded. However, I don't see the rain at the airport until after I land. Why does this happen and is there a way to make sure I get the latest weather loaded before I land at the airport? Thanks for your help.
  25. Hi I am experience problems with REX abruptly changing the weather. I often see very sudden cloud changes and/or movement as well as wind shifts causing the aircraft to move violently. This seems to happen quite regularly, perhaps every few minutes. I have turned on wind smoothing, however this does not seem to have much of an effect. Specs in signature. If anybody could help that would be great. Thanks
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