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Found 324 results

  1. why are they shutting down the forums? that's no fun. with me and my old products I may need help still someday. lol I can't afford any new upgrades yet.
  2. I've been away from simming for a few years. I currently have REX 3 overdrive (with patch) and REX Tex Direct 4 with soft clouds. I'm putting together a new Windows 10 machine and moving SFX to it and have a couple of questions. 1. Do I need to uninstall from the old machine before I can install on the new one? 2. Will the SNs I have work on the new machine or will I need to get new ones ? 3. I see some new products but not any direct upgrade for REX 3 +OD. What if any of new products were designed to replace/improve on Rex3/TexDirect4 ? 4. If I go with the new stuff will any of my custom presets from Rex3 work ? 5. If I go with the new stuff should i still install Rex3 first then the newer stuff or just the newer stuff Sorry for 20 questions. just trying to get my ducks in a row Thanks Joel
  3. Hi guys, might be switching platforms from FSX:SE to P3D v.4. Right now I'm using REX Essentials for the weather engine only in FSX and REX 4 TD (without softclouds) for textures in FSX. It looks like Environment Force is like TD for P3D? I.e. no weather engine, then Sky Force would be the REX Essentials replacement to get a weather engine, is this correct? I know that TD has options to link it to P3D but I'm guessing the newer products have better textures and I'm ok with that (buying replacements), plus the older products seem to be running buggy on my system. I think it's just a combo of older products and Win10 updates as even my 4 year old PC, but with the latest Windows updates, is exhibiting the same lags/hangs in the apps, but those are some pretty old pieces of software now so I'm not very surprised lol.
  4. With the Transfer software, is there anyway to download all the files at once? Do I have to download all the files individually?
  5. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10152585731141843&id=178486766842 😁 how cool would this be huh
  6. Your store/website is insanely frusterating. You guys really need to factor in that people have different systems (FSX, FSXSE, all of P3D's multiple versions) and the website offers essentially zero help in finding which product works for which sim. At minimum, there should be an option to shop by sim. I know for a fact you're already having to deal with customers trying to return products that aren't compatible with their sim. Please, I love your products but it's annoying to spend 20 minutes just trying to find out if FSX, the most popular of all the MS FS-engine based simulators, is compatible.
  7. In the REX Store (not the forums), when I click on Reset password and enter my email address, I don't receive a Reset Password email? I verified my email is valid/exists but trying to Create an Account using the same email address and got an expected error saying account with that email already exists. Checked my junk folders and allowed over 24 hours to pass, still no reset password email when using the Store. Cheers, Rob.
  8. Because my hard disk drive space is limited, and I actually need the Sky Force 3D's real time weather feature only. Is there a way to install it so that I can free up a lot of space that the REX's texture files used? Or I shall say, if there is a way to minimize the program size?
  9. Good Day! As you can see in the headline, I'm not verified. Actually, it should only take 12 hours until you are verified. But it didn't work for me. I hope there is a solution! PS: I don't know if this is the right forum for such concerns.
  10. Maybe I could suss this all out by myself in a million years, but I thought I'd ask the experts. I upgraded from FSX to P3d v.4 in February. FSX is still on my PC. So are REX TD - Soft Clouds and REX Skyforce 3D. Both are installed in FSX. REX TD - Soft Clouds is also installed in P3D.v.4. I have downloaded the P3D.v.4 version of SkyForce 3D, but have yet to install it , and I hesitate to do so, since I really don't understand what it is supposed to improve. As it is, my sims are working quite well. -- If you install SkyForce, do settings in it override TD settings? -- Soft Clouds is a separate program on my hard drive. Is it permanently linked to TD, with no separate functions? -- Granted, I've bought SkyForce, but what will it do for me if I install it in P3D.v.4? My textures, skies and clouds now look just as good in P3D as they did in FSX. -- What is the relationship between the TD weather and cloud choices and the resident weather themes in P3D? For instance, "Heavy Thunderstorm" is a P3D (and FSX) weather theme. Does that theme simply use the TD cloud images instead of defaults? -- How can I get those big puffy cumulonimbus clouds (a/k/a "thunderheads"). I don't believe they exist in TED - Soft Clouds. I think they do in SkyForce, but, to revert to the beginning: -- What is the relationship between TD-SC and SF 3D Thanks all, Mac6737
  11. Hi! Trying to reinstall (Skyforce 3d) when the window when to register comes up, there is "no stores avaliable" in the window when You can select shop. Anyone have an idea? (I have send a ticket about that) Greetings from Mats, Sweden
  12. Hi all, I am thinking about purchasing the new REX 5 environment force for my P3DV4 but i would like to know a few things I have previously had REX 4 Texture Direct in FSX so would all the features in this be in REX 5 environment force such as the clouds? The clouds in REX 4 were amazing so i don't want to buy a product that is lesser with the content
  13. I am using REX SF & REX EF, what's my best solution regarding the water, I don't like the color of it mostly.....is there something I am missing or should install? I have most REX stuff but SF & EF are the only 2 installed.....this is p3d v4.5 Thanks
  14. Wonder how you guys decided to use the very same name as the creator and company owner of X-ForcePC for your "future" X-Plane project? Which by the way is a close friend of the Austin Mayer whom invented X-Plane.. Unfortunate or smart?
  15. how to work together REX 5 - Environment Force for P3D v4.4+ and REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. I want to buy and do not know they will fit together. I have p3dм4 . Thanks
  16. I came to an epiphany earlier this evening and realised that I've been using P3D wrong this whole time! You see, I have EF and ASP4, but the clouds...were...meh. I did some research as to whether I should pick the other or REX SF3D. I chose the latter and fired up a quick flight 1am my time, I didn't even wait for the 15% discount code anymore from justflight, maybe next time . And wow, this software totally changed everything. I used the built in wx engine, trusting the devs that they are working to improve the wx engine in the future updates...but for now...I am satisfied. The only difference I noticed though is that my GPU is running at 80% most of the time with this wx engine. Probably because of all the cloud layers being rendered. Looking forward to the upcoming weather force and further improvements to the built in wx engine.
  17. Hi REX It's good to see Microsoft are making a comeback into our simming world. Let's face it , they started it all . So will EF and SF etc be compatible lol, if it doesn't rain it pours for developers trying to keep up with all the sim world changes !!
  18. I like to fly in England and Alaska (I live in SE USA). Is there a way to load historical weather based upon the simulator time? Too often I’m flying when it’s the wee hours in England where it’s foggy, etc. in real-time weather. Thanks!
  19. I think it would be a nice feature for those who don't want the dynamic bloom feature with REX Environment Force to be able to set the "bloom magnitude" value to 0 - meaning no bloom.
  20. Over the years, I bought most of your programs, and with each, there’s improvements in development and technology, all you programmers, devs, forum support, and other experts that helped you produce brilliants sim enhancements You all go out of your way to give us so much extra help on the forums, (and often with little or no gratitude back,) So, I’d just like to say, to you all, THANK YOU for the years of great products, and fantastic support.
  21. Hello Everyone, I'm returning from a very long break from flight simming but have caught the bug to get back into it and start flying again. I have been a long time user for several years of REX products and I need some advice please on some possible purchases. When I last was flight simming around 18 months ago, the last products I was used was REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. I have noticed that since I was last flying, there are now a few new products out there being REX Skyforce 3D and REX Environment Force. Do either of these products work with/compliment REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds or do either of these products work best as a stand alone product working on their own and if so, which one would people recommend to go with. As I am in the process of doing a complete 100% fresh install from scratch of Prepar3D V4.5, I just want to get it right and I have to admit that REX Skyforce 3D looks pretty damn good. Cheers, Chris
  22. i already have the REX soft clouds installed on my gaming computer. if I bought this would it affect the clouds? I used to use real environment xtreme (REX) essential plus w/ overdrive but I guess that's out of service now. should I get the REX 4 now?
  23. Hi REX, you know...I had great time with you when I flew in FSX, an amazing flight sim, a little bit old right now...so I moved on to the new truly amazing X-plane 11, a real modern and realistic flight sim nowdays! So REX, why don't you move too to X-Plane 11 and give us (to me and to all XP11 community) the possibility to enjoy your great and super cool performance and all your beauty! I would be really really really really really really really really SUPER HAPPY if you give us this possibility! So what do you think? Could you ever make me happy? Could you move to X-Plane 11? With love one of your best fan ever! <3
  24. Hi, it's been a long while since I been here. I want to get flying again. Since the last time I took a flight, I built a new windows 10 system so I know my Saitek Cyborg Evo Force is not gonna work on this machine. Can anyone recommend a good flight stick that is compatible with Windows 10 and also have force feedback? New Specs: Windows 10, i7-8700k, 32gb RAM, GTX 980Ti
  25. Hi, i search a software, wich upgrades my sim in the Graphics, the Shaders, the enviroment, my "feeling" at the flight, the feeling at the landing or take off if you See in the night the lights and they looking real, wich upgrades the lighting, the sky, the colors at a sunset and these things, will be Enviroment Force my perfect software, wich i should buy? Or sky force 3d will be better at this points? (I've got AS16 already, so that force Enviroment don't have a weather engine doesn't matter.)
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