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  1. i`ve bougth REX WWAI and REX Essential w/ Overdrive. I`ve a question, these programas are compatible with each others? or they subscribe they own files? (the last instaled is the working). And other question, Whats the difference between Essential w/ OVD and REX 4 direct?? Have diference?

    Hi I have REX Essential Plus Overdrive , REX Soft Clouds and REX Texture Direct installed and was wondering if these are all required . I acquired them as they became available in the market. Are they now combined into a single product . Thank you
  3. I have a question since I just re-imaged my HDD. I have 3 physical (DVD-ROM) versions of FSX: FSX (regular version), FSX Deluxe (disc #2 has a scratch from I don't know where), and I have the Acceleration Pack. Is there a version here that is better than the other? I do not fly F-18s or helicopters. I mainly fly higher end payware turbo props and high end jet airliners. Thanks, brandon

    I am a REX P3D happy customer who now is moving towards XP11 like many others. I was just wondering if REX is intentioned to join the XP11 world beginning of 2017. Thx

    Hey gang. Have been away from FSX for quite some time. Finally have a killer system built specifically for FSX and it's add-ons. I notice a few new products from REX have come out since I've been gone and am looking for suggestions for the most current add-on/ons from REX to use with a new installation. System requirements are no concern. Thank you in advance. Jack
  6. Quote from REX4TextureDirectUserGuide.pdf IMPORTANT INFORMATION We HIGHLY recommend the use of the DXT5 compression algorithm for clouds. DXT5 is the most flexible general purpose compression codec, so if problems are experienced using REX clouds at higher resolution, select the DXT5 setting. The same goes for the Wave Animation setting. 32-bit is much more demanding on the GPU, thus if problems arise with the use of the 32-bit setting, select the DXT1 option. Quote from REX_Soft_Clouds_User_Guide.pdf IMPORTANT INFORMATION Since the Soft Clouds are highly optimized, We HIGHLY recommend NOT enabling the DXT5 texture option. Although the DXT5 option will optimize clouds further, there are color anomalies present within the DXT5 codec, and might cause undesirable results.
  7. My malware program recently detected a file folder in C:\Users\****\AppData\Roaming named GetRightToGo. Inside the folder are two data files named and They must have been installed with recent service packs because my malware program has never found them before. I have moved the folder to a safe place and have seen no ill affects with software. I understand malware programs often flag benign software as a precaution. What are these files and what are they for? Thank you!

    Hello, I'm actually making a Cessna Home cockpit. I'm big fan of REX products and I would like to know when Sky Force 3D will be in the Store. My cockpit will be finished between 1-2 month. I actually use REX4 & ASN for weather and I would like to buy the Sky Force 3D for my new Cockpit rather than AS2016 + ASCA. Can I have an estimating date (1 Month, 6 Month, 1 year...) ? Thank you.

    Hello everybody! Title says everything. Will the REX start developing for X-Plane 11? I really want this. Who want this? (Sorry my English is bad) Regards,

    Purchased REX Airport HD directly from REX. My computer crashed and I am attempting to reinstall but it’s asking me for a license key which I do not have how can I retrieve installation code. Was only able to post in wrong prefix as Airport HD does not exist
  11. Hi I have the new REX 4 Direct textures & soft clouds. I still have REX 3 ESS + OD installed. Why would I continue to use REX 3? Just for the weather package? REX 4 seems to have upgraded and improved on all the REX 3 textures. Can someone tell me if I am wrong here. Thanks. Kevin Ummm I did some searching and seems there is a good explanation in another thread. thx anyway. great software....

    I need some help on the REX forums. I am trying to download one of the ENB series, (I've tried all 3) and none of them seem to want to download. It says I don't have enough forum permissions to do so, but I am a verified member. I have tried to submit a contact us forum and haven't got any response almost a week ago. Can you help me please?
  13. Hello, I have a VPN setup in my router, which is always ON. When I try to access the forum address, I get an error 403. To write this post, I've disconnected it, but the response time of the website is quite slow. Is there any restriction on some IP to access this forum ?
  14. I searched the forums here and the most recent post on this topic that the search brought up was dated October 2015. So just wondering if REX weather engine will ever work with the PMDG planes that have a wx radar? thanks - brandon
  15. REX essentials with overdrive, REX world airports hd, REX soft clouds and REX wx Advantage Radar are all compatible? are ok to use together? if so any suggested start up procedure? would be using with p3dv3.
  16. I am getting really tired of having to enter my registration info once a week whenever REX puts out a simple hotfix. I own lots of add ons and it's very rare to have to jump through these verification hoops EVERY time. Its like your programs reset to defaults and I lose all of my custom settings. I am certain your programmers have the knowledge to make a hotfix without destroying your customer relations. Thank you.
  17. Hello. I purchased REX 4 TD and SC from Steam a while ago. I stopped using FSX:SE and switched to P3D V3. Now i wonder if i can use my products on P3D or are they bound to FSX:SE. I couldn't find a hint about it and don't want to download again from Steam if it's not usable in P3D. Thank you.

    Afternoon. I am considering buy FSX on Steam since I can't find my original DVD's after building a new machine. Question is, will REX products work on the Steam version of FSX? If so, does anyone know if other add-ons will work as well. Thank you. Jack

    This is a public warning that another company is attempting to sell an open source FREE game (Flight Gear) under the branding "Virtual Pilot 3D". I encourage everyone possible to flood their youtube and social networking sites with scam alerts to stop people from spending their money on a fake product and buy REAL simulators like FSX and X Plane 9/10 (with REX of course ). AVSIM.COM has an official news post in relation to this, and can be viewed by clicking this link: Additionally you can download the FREE game that this company is trying to sell here at:

    Just finished installing FSX on my new puter after awhile away. However, I coant log in to download my original purchases. Can I have a little help please? Thank you. Jack
  21. I have been out of the FSX game quite awhile been doing alot of DCS. Anyways I have REX Essentials + at Flight Sim Store? I am now using the Steam Version of FSX so didnt know if I could still use it or if there are newer better options 3 years later? Thanks for any help!
  22. This will sound strange, but I purchased Rex4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds in July of 2015. I am trying to reinstall it on a new computer. However, I cannot find any record of my license key in my email. When I try to login into the REX store it says there is no account for email address, but I am sure I purchased it directly from there. Could my account be deactivated?
  23. Hi all, Is Texture Direct with Soft Clouds complementing Essential Plus Overdrive or are they contradicting in any way? Are they to be used together? Thanks, Christos
  24. Hi there. I feel a bit silly asking this after having just purchased REX Essential Plus Overdrive and Texture Direct with Soft Clouds along with Weather Architect in the Halloween sale. I am confused as to what does what, am I right in saying that Texture Direct with Soft Clouds and Weather Architect are the newer products and effectively replace and supersede Essential Plus Overdrive? Many Thanks Rog
  25. Hi all, 1) I have a new computer and I would like to know how I can re-download my purchased items: Essential + Overdrive and Texture Direct. (including all patces) 2) Where and how should REX data files downloaded on the computer as I want to use them both for fsx and fsx-steam. Thanks, Ourgas