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Found 295 results

  1. Hello. Since the project has been in development for years and on hold, maybe add the opportunity for it to work with X-Plane 11 as well, as it's the rising future simulator right now. We know the same architecture is used among FS and P3D, but that architecture is quite archaic. XP11 being more recent, allows for a better experience. Any positive thoughts on this?
  2. Hello, I have been a REX user for over 7 years now and I am currently eyeing the jump from FSX to P3D. Back in 2011 when I purchased the first product, I chose REX Essentials Plus with the OD Texture Pack. After download, it was then choose your textures and settings ... and forget it. Everything from that day forward worked impeccably without issues. A true 'set it and forget it' program as long as FSX was launched through REX. I had ground textures for runways, grass, parking, tarmac, and roads at all airports. I had water textures and animations everywhere. I had a plentiful variety of wonderful cloud textures, sky textures, colors and sun and moon textures all day (and night). Furthermore, I had a very nice weather engine providing me with some of the most realistic weather conditions the sim world has ever seen, from the clearest blue skies to the densest fog, from the cutest cumuli to the most menacing dark thunderstorm clouds. Even today, when I post my sim pics on line, I often get asked what weather engine and textures I use. So now, I figure over the next 6 months I will make the jump to P3D, and would like to get the same REX Essentials w/OD installed there. However, I can't find this 'all in one' program anymore. Ok, so I figured with progress being what it is, perhaps the amount of textures have become overwhelming to be all included in such an 'all in one' program, so perhaps the REX developers opted to put them all into one separate program. Fair enough. Perhaps maybe two programs ? I quickly found out - REX Texture Direct 4 for the ground and water textures and REX Skyforce for all the sky and cloud textures. Simple enough, but where's the newest weather engine ? The soon to be released Weather Force must be the newest weather engine everyone's talking about. OK, simple enough - I just buy REX TD4, Skyforce and Weather Force (once it's released) , and I have essentially a greatly enhanced and updated REX E w/OD containing all the ground, water and sky textures along with the weather engine, right ? Well, actually, no. As it turns out REX TD4 has ground and sky/cloud textures but no weather engine. OK, so one then purchases REX Skyforce to get the engine, but wait ...... there's no ground and water textures in Skyforce. So now to cover the bases one has to own both REX TD4 and Skyforce and inactivate the duplicate cloud textures in REX TD4 as Skyforce is touted to have the latest cloud and sky textures. The upcoming Weather Force will apparently have a more fluid and improved weather change pattern in it's weather engine (as per info from sim conferences), which will most likely cause the engine in Skyforce to become 'the older sibling', and if one wants it, then they have to consequently inactivate it in Skyforce, and download the Weatherforce software version. As much as I like REX and it's products, I feel a bit confused by the release protocol of the various addons, which essentially forces sim folk to download several products and then inactivate the duplicates in order to cover all the bases from the standpoint of having the latest and best airport ground textures, water texures, sky/sun/moon/cloud textures, and weather engine. Would it not be easier to just break these down into several different downloadable products that would each complement one another (without duplication) and have the simmer then choose how basic or complete they want their sim to look and download the corresponding product(s) ? I love REX products and will continue to support REX down the road. I just wish the products were a bit more easier to understand, complemented each other and had no duplications between them. This way I feel even subsequent updates would be easier to put out, regardless of whether it's a revised weather engine, or water textures. (I also certainly wish REX would look into water shaders and offer some program to change the 'milky' water appearance of water for those who still use FSX.) Food for thought, anyway, from a somewhat confused, but loyal REX customer. Cheers, MZ.
  3. ThomasEDDL

    ANSWERED WWAHD release date

    Hi rstough, last update on WWAHD 10 days ago. You now give us the release date? Maybe today, hohohaha? Someone else of the admins wrote (in an deleted topic) that there is not so much to test at wwahd, you stated that you did some updates to salt lake city. I never fly in the states, i would have had appreciated running my european standard airports since two weeks in HD, also with a "beta". Is it possible to join the insider program nowadays? Greetings Thomas
  4. Raufvogel

    ANSWERED extension REX addon

    Hello, I'm using REX Sky Force 3D and like to know if it's a bad idee to buy REX Sky Direct as well, because the clouds are already present in REX Sky Force 3D?
  5. Are these PTA presets compatible with Prepar3D 4.3 and PTA 2.62 that has just been released? And I'm assuming you need PTA in order to use this feature in REX?
  6. Hi team, I'm a loyal REX 2004 customer who just moved into P3Dv4. I use ASP4 for my weather engine, but have always used REX for all my texturing needs. What REX program should I buy for textures? REX Texture Direct + Soft Clouds seems like the texture program I need. But do I need to buy REX Sky Force before that? I won't be using REX for weather generation, as I have always preferred the realism of AS engine. Gave AS Cloud Art a try and it's terrible! Give me REX textures and sky colours any day!
  7. pjlucero1

    ANSWERED New Software

    Does REX SkyForce 3D for FSX and P3D (REX-150) replace REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds Enhanced Edition Bundle?
  8. ashepherd316

    ANSWERED Best sky texture

    what is the best sky texture to use in sky force 3d also when are we going to get a programme that gives us realistic looking water.
  9. novi3

    ANSWERED Aerofly FS2

    Hi there! Are there any plans to sell REX-Products for the Aerofly FS2 Simulator?
  10. Hi Not sure where this belongs, here or the Suggeston Box. Have used different flightsim programs for years now but one of the disappointments is I find the storm and rainy conditions not very convincing. I would consider REX to be the leader in modelling atmospheric conditions. Will we ever see the effects and reflections of precipitation on surfaces like these. Is it possible or will we ever seen this in any future products. cheers Noel
  11. iflybush

    ANSWERED Airport textures

    Greetings, I purchased REX Skyforce 3d, only to find it doesn't have runway or other airport textures. Can I run Skyforce 3D and REX texture direct, without messing up the clouds that come with REX Skyforce? I love the clouds, but I want to update all my airports to better runway textures and lighting , like what came with REX tecture direct. Any help is appreciated.
  12. Hi everyone, when taxiing at CYHY Hay River Airport, I encountered this poor gravel texture. Would it be possible to add gravel and dirt textures to Texture Direct?
  13. I have REX4 Texture Direct w/ Soft Clouds (and Orbx products for that matter)....does the PTA Tweak Assistant and beyond that the Reshade do the same thing that you get from REX4 or are they independent of each other.
  14. Sunny k

    ANSWERED New & Know

    Hello all I am new here I have FSX in my PC I want to get better graphics so I have just seen REX software, I am thinking of buying this but REX is a totally new thing for me. Actually when I looked on the REX website they had quite a number of different software so I am confused on which to get. I am looking for the latest software which has REX installer, which will install graphics in my FSX, kindly guide me. Also please tell me where can I buy this software online and what is the download size for this software? My PC specs are: Windows 10Pro 64bit Intel i7 965 3.2GHZ NVidia GeForce GTX 295 ram 18 GB
  15. Anthin Delahunt

    ANSWERED My account.

    How can I access my account ? Anthin.
  16. Delta777

    ANSWERED Thank you

    I would just like to thank you guys for still supporting us dinosaures, who are still sticking to FS2004. I purchased REX for FS9 back in 2009, after it was released and was very pleased to see, that you still release service packs for it, to improve an already awesome piece of software. I was even more suprised to see you guys releasing the Soft Clouds for FS9, since I thought that REX would be your last FS9 product. I am really looking forward to upcoming updates und upgrades, which will make this awesome experience even more intense!
  17. Hi, Bit of a longshot, but I was just wondering if it is possible for customers who bought the original standalone REX Texture Direct and then the REX Soft Clouds standalone subsequently when it came out to be able to use the bundled version? It's more a matter of convenience really, so that we can use one program to control both TD and SF instead of using 2 separately, or maybe there are plans to integrate soft clouds into the texture direct program if we own both?
  18. I thought there was a SF3D forum?
  19. Hi Will REX Sky Force still require REX Soft Clouds to be installed? cheers Gumby
  20. Alberto Zanot

    ANSWERED About SimAir

    Hello! Will SimAir check the way you fly, if you do stupid things, etc...? Like FSPassnegers?
  21. Hello I'm interested in buying some REX scenery for FSX and have been looking at the following products: REX 4 - Texture Direct Enhanced Edition REX Soft Clouds Addon REX Essential Plus with Overdrive REX Wordwide Airports HD Could you tell me are these all distinctly different products are is there some duplication in their features? For example if you have Essential Plus with Overdrive is there any advantage in having REX 4 Texture Direct with the soft clouds addon as well? Thanks for your advice :-)
  22. marci1229

    ANSWERED Any news?

    Hi guys! I would like to ask something. Any News about upcoming X-Plane 11 products?
  23. P3Dv4. I have REX TD HD with SC, the new version. I also use PTA. On your site there's just so many PTA presets with the label, Sky Texture Sets. How do I know which one to use? I mean If I use three different sets of sky colors in my REX which one do I download for PTA? Thanks.
  24. I have now moved onto X-Plane 11 on Steam and uninstalled FSX completely. I would love it if REX would come join me on X-Plane as there is a clear need for a comprehensive REX style package and I'm sure the X-Plane community would welcome you. But until then, its goodbye I'm afraid.
  25. to me, for many years now REX has been an absolute must have, thank indeed for the v4 update.