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Found 46 results

  1. when I quit FSX and try to start up later, either by REX or the FSX exe, it tells me it is already ruuning. The only way I can get back ino FSX is to reboot the pc. I checked with the task manager, and nothing is running. I tried to do a search on this forum and came up empty. I'm running UT2, Win7 64bits, 8G ram updated REX essential, build 3.1.2012.1028. Thanks, Gnacino
  2. If I choose the REX weather option in FSX weather,then at another time choose any other option like,Fair weather,I do not get the weather options I had selected in the REX Essential program.Like the sky,clouds or water. Is that the correct way for it to work? Thank you I do have the REX essential Overdrive.
  3. Hi, If one wishes to fly a helicopter how does one add it to the new aircraft list in the flight planning section as all the options refer to fixed wing aircraft? Thanks, Ian
  4. Hey guys just got fspassengersx and very cool. anyways little while ago I started to notice that a green bar apears at the top with and error to many ai please lower ai traffic only 1000 sim content is allowed ...or something like that. anyways I haven't increase ai traffic as its low already, anyone else seen this and if so is really to do with ai traffic settings or have I somehow done something to get this. I'll try to lower traffic in fsx settings to see if it stops but thought I'd ask . Glenn.
  5. Hi, i'm downloading the REX essential plus installer. Where can i get the overdrive feature? Thanks in advance Chris
  6. Hello, I re-installed FSX and REX after 1 year... I would like to know if there is any update for this version and if it is possible to download the free addon pack extension for clouds which was not working on this version a year ago ? Many thanks Geezee
  7. Hey guys...very frustrated atm...got a new rig yesterday...and there are many problems with my FSX...one of the problems is this one here with the ENB series.. i always get a crash with the d3d9.dll. Its from the ENB.. i really cant run FSX without ENB because it loooks so much better with ENB! so is there a special ENB for W8? anyway, happy christmas!
  8. Does shade have to be loaded everytime REX installs new textures?
  9. Hi Guys. Recently had to re-install Windows 7 (64bit), FSX, Orbx Scenery and airports, and REX Essentials + Overdrive. After the installs, I noticed two things: My system booted faster before the new installFSX / REX Performed better before the new installThe reason? I had forgotten about Windows 7 booting with only a single core, and all of my cores were “parked” with the exception of one. I have read a few articles saying neither of these changes is of much benefit however, in my experience they are. Win 7 boots about 30% to 40% faster and FSX / ORBX / REX E + OD has no jitters after the changes – FSX display settings are maxed. I run Win 7 64 bit off a 256 gig SSD; FSX is installed on a 120 gig SSD and REX on a 60 gig SSD. I have a 2 TB Sata 3 drive as well. This is a development machine so it runs fairly task intensive software – most of which is disabled when playing with FSX. The chip is over clocked to 3.88 with 8 gigs of ram; Video card is an ATI 7950 HD 3 GB (also overclocked). I was surprised at the effect of the changes as I figured a machine with this much grunt would perform regardless. If you want to try them, here are the links: Boot on all cores: http://thecustomizew...ndows-7-starts/ Disable core parking: http://bitsum.com/ab...ore_parking.php Thx
  10. Hi all, new here. Just resurected my FS9 last week after 5 years. LOTS of new stuff wow.. Used to know it all but now feel like I am in 1st grade.. Is my system ok to run this latest release or am I looking at a whole new system again.. I bought this system for simming and shorty after had to stop. Work related issues.. Travel.. I see i7 processors, ss drives DDR3 ram etc...and I am now thinking my system is way to light now.. My system is as follows: AMD Athalon ii x2 3.01 Ghz 2 gb ram xp home - service pack 3 WD 2500KS - 00MJB0 - SATA 300MB/sec Please advise Thanks
  11. I don't have OD yet, but am running Essentials Plus HD which is fabulous. I saw a recommendation I think from keeszondag re a favorite general purpose cumulous cloud set but can't find it any more ;o( Noel
  12. Good day, Have bought REX 2 in the old fashion way, in a shop http://www.aviationmegastore.com in Holland last year. Did not use a web shop for it. I was looking for a receipt but do not have it anymore. I want to validate it so I can get REX essential. kind regards, Dereck
  13. Dear Gent's Greetings, I would like to thank REX Engineering team and REX management for their continous support and valuable efforts towards making the world of FSX aviation a world wide reality. Secondly, I am very sorry if this topic came at the wrong division, please shift it where ever you find it suitable, I have been in the internet navigating almost all the popular websites quite long time ago. I notice, everyone is complaining about fsx and the drop of FPS although people are having a strong and very strong SPECs on their PCs/Laptops. Herein, I find something that have never been discovered in other forums, this Topic is a unique one, because I love experiementing until I reached to the optimal results. I developed a small tool that is gonna unleash the power of Aviation in FSX and will boost your FPS for about +30 at your current condition. My Story and how I developed this utility: I noticed in microsoft website that the SP1 of fsx came for the purpose of supporting multicore processors, that is to say namely: 1. Core2duo (2 Cores) 2. Core2Quad (4 Cores) Intel Core i7 is having 4 Cores, but in the task manager you will notice 8 Cores, this is the HyperThreading Tech. that allows each core to handle 2 threads and subsequently, it acts as if it were 8 cores. The problem is: FSX is not designed to deal with such power, and hence a lot of stability issues does happen, What I did was, telling the FSX that I am only running a Quad core processor, and guess what, Unbelievalbe results, I have found myself and REX in a world full of dream that did become TRUE. What exactly does this tool do? After you run it, fsx will start direcly, open the task manager, and go to fsx process, right click and choose Set affinity, you will notice only CPU0, CPU1, CPU2 and CPU3 are utlized, this is the whole idea. A Core i7 in the shape in Quad Core, you are acutally utilizing the whole Cores in i7 but in a professional, most engineering approach. Having said so, I will let you try it yourself, This is not a virus it is a cmd utility that tells FSX your processor is Quad core not Core i7, because FSX is not compatible with Core i7 and the Hyperthreading technology. Hence, and once you use this utility, launch FSX through it, double click it and fsx willl start automatically, FSX now is fully compatible with Hyperthreading and running under maxumum power that have never been observed before. The utility name is : Gernas_Affinity.exe, I named like this according to my forum name, once you install it, you will find it in the fsx directory, you may make a shortcut on the desktop for quick usage. Please, please, please, Delete the portion in your FSX.cfg where it says: JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=xx This Tweak is a disaster, it does not do anything, it is simply wrong, DO NOT leave it while running my tool. Secondly, DEFRAG, DEFRAG, DEFRAG... You must defrag your C: Drive where FSX is installed, fragmentations cause a big issue in fsx Grab your tool here and unleash FSX maxumum power on Core i7, http://www.mediafire...xcqh9phohkhvwnj pass: gernas Please DO NOT use it if you have core i5 or Core i3, I haven't designed it for them, it is only for Core i7. I am waiting to hear from everyone about the difference before and after this tool. Best Regards ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- editing: I WILL QUOTE MY REPLY BELOW SINCE IT IS VERY URGENT: One of our Guys, Selkan, he faced the following issue and then found a solution, see the quote below:
  14. Hi guys, so normally my i7 2600k was overclocked to 4.5GHz @ 1.44 volts and I figured that was way too high and way too hot, so I re-overclocked it and got it stable at 4.5GHz @ 1.36 volts. Now the odd thing is that this killed the frame rates in FSX, before I got around 20 fps at large airports and after my new overclock settings i get 0.8-2.5 fps only! does anyone know whats wrong here? Please help me out! p.s. every other game runs fine, diablo, league of legends or any other game runs very smoothly.
  15. Hello all: ive had a problem , not sure it was REX, but my runwaylights were suspended in the air, abvout the height of the eleveator of the plane . i remeber in the past , about a year ago, someone had a similar problem , but can´t seem to find what the solution was. since i am also using GEX, UTX, traffic X, REX essentials , and some planes, i decided to uninstall everything and begin from scracth. Maybe my mistake was t9o use a websitew that fixes some things in orfder to optimize your computer , analizes your cfg file and gives you some options, maybe it was that , i dont really know. but my question is , since i am starting again to install everything and it will take me almost a day, is there a speacial order to install these things. By the way , using UTX i had the night lites inactive just in case, but the runway lights were still in mid air. i would appreciate any ideas, on how to go about re installing everything , sorry for the bother , thanks in advance regards leo
  16. Hi I've been getting these weird colorful spirals in my fsx scenery and I'm pretty sure it's not part of it. Does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it?
  17. Just thought I would get back to you and express appreciation for this awesome work! I have really been enjoying the depth & subtleness of weather generation in Essentials and wanted to express my gratitude. I can't speak to how accurately it is portraying realtime weather per se, but I really like what I see. It's quite different than the other weather programs I've used, and to me generates some amazingly believable weather. Looking forward to enhancements in load times and other refinements. Thanks again! Noel
  18. I cannot find an upgrade to get me from Vers Build 2.0.2010.0611 to the required build of 2.3.2010.1027 as required for REX Essentials?
  19. I see on the REX website that REX Essential is a free upgrade for current REX users, and you can just download the new link on flightsimstore.com. However, I purchased REX through SimMarket, which still only supplies the Overdrive link, not Essential. How can I upgrade to Essential? Thanks, boeing247
  20. My system specs are as follows: E8500 @3.16GHz 4GB RAM 512MB 8800GT Windows XP I've recently installed REX for FS2004 and it has transformed it for me, amazing visually! I have my clouds at DXT3 512x512 and I'm really pleased with how they look. If I'm at an addon airport such as UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme with plenty of AI etc, I get frames in the region of 22-25. When cycling views I will often get up to 10 seconds where the aircraft textures arent loading, they do eventually and it continues running as normal. When I'm flying it will say I'm getting anywhere between 22-36 FPS (locked at 36) but every now and then it will 'hang' for a split second. Which of my hardware would be the culprit for causing either or both of these problems if I were to consider an upgrade? I don't really want to change the settings I have for the worst, I'd sooner pay for upgraded hardware. Hope you hardwear-smart guys out there can help!!
  21. Hi Folks. Does anybody know what is going on with my FS? Just lately, what ever jet I use, when flying at e.g. FL310 or FL350, I get what looks like serious turbulance, when there isn't any. My IAS jumps between 240 and Overspeed, and if not monitored closely and arrested, the plane just eventually gets stressed due to the overspeed and crashes. I can't understand what is causing this. It never used to play up like this. Anybody got any ideas please. I thought it may be my weather engine REX, but it seems to do it whether the weather engine is running alongside or not. Hope you can help. John
  22. Don't see a forum specfic section so here I am. Tried several size profile picture uploads and they all fail. Should the format be something other than .jpg?? Thanks, JW
  23. I am looking for some new themes to save to use for fsx and was wondering what some of ya'lls favorite texture themes were. I am big on thunderstorms but also would like fair weather ideas. Please share if you'd like.
  24. I have Rex2 + Overdrive do i have to wait until REX Essential Overdrive is realeased before i can download the update?
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