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  1. Great Seems like a long way to go for such a simple fix. Hopefully it will help someone else. All is good Thanks Gary
  2. I was trying to install only textures direct and soft clouds. So I thought I would install essentials and overdrive. Had no problem with that install at all. So tried tdsc after that but same error message. What is the difference ? I am using a different weather program as I said that is why I never loaded REX essentials with over drive. What is the difference in texture programs? Can I use tdwod without the weather? I still need to figure out the problem though. If you want any pics of anything I can provide.
  3. Thanks but all that was allready done. Anything else? Gary
  4. I also have Orbix installed
  5. Ok Did everything I can think of. All permission allowed, I downloaded a new copy . I turned off my firewalls. I turned off my virus protection. I ran as administrator. Same message, then program freezes. I am running a network of two computers with one projector. My sever computer seems fine downloads tdwsc and loads. The client computer which I am having trouble with has fsglobal real weather . If I can tell you or get anything else just ask.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply Pretty sure I have done all that but will double check this morning.
  7. I am sure someone else had this problem but I can not find it searching posts. I reinstalled REX 4 with soft clouds, now when I click install files or themes I get this error message.
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