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  1. Cliff Tait


    Hi all does REX Airports sit with ORBX or not Thanks
  2. Hi re REX 4 HD Have just installed update SP7 latest update anyway and when I start Tex Direct it notifies I need to update ... so anyone knows why.. I have installed the update rextd_sp7_20170814 Cliff
  3. Thanks for that and I believe it has and have been using some settings recommended to me by other users... love it thanks
  4. Many thanks.. I am trying the different settings but this is still a great product
  5. will give it a go thanks
  6. Hi, Very new to REX but quite impressed so far how ever ... I set Real Weather to run take off from Auckland NZ gives me pretty close to what we have but I get to Hamilton NZ and not what they are having only a 20 flight ... what is or what am I doing wrong Cliff
  7. WEll I am new to REX and have just purchased Soft Clouds and REX Essentials with overdrive... I am impressed with cloud textures very good... but somethings are a bit confusing , like anything new I guess.. this Vatsim setting and WX plus mode versus Standard mode.. I set Vatsim and enter the Airport click on submit... it comes up with a large selection as it should then I click on the Airport Weather station I require and nothing happens... maybe I am missing something Also what the difference between Standard and WX Plus .. Cheers Cliff
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