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  1. The777Pilot


    Im sure I won't be disappointed Good Luck
  2. The777Pilot


    Hello REX Team, I hame some questions about this future product. 1.Will this features a Weather Radar (to correctly track weather system such as mesoscales, tornadoes, hail, heavy precip, hook echoes GRLevel sofware like (lite version)) because I watched a video where someone is recording a Tornadi while on a Cessna (an impressibe video) 2.A custom weather building feature (I just watched your demo about Weather Architect) Because we can't get the complex wether system of our dream (or nightmare) such as a hurricane, monsoon, microburst etc 3.Residual contrail or upgraded AI contrails (see sometime, Aircrafts contrails stays for a long time) 4.Sky and clouds colors matching to the weather (somethime, it turns green) to be honnest, the most anticipated addon is REX Sky Force 3D because Weather, as Aircraft and Scenery, its whats making FlightSim, and FS is what Im living for I whish you all you luck Regards; T777P
  3. The777Pilot

    REX Sky Force 3D

    No developers are away from any problems, its for us, that they do the best by adding amazing features, which mean new problem to solve. Also, AFAIK, Beta don't started yet (or maybe the Alpha is running, but nothing about Beta )
  4. The777Pilot

    INQUIRY Best Ground Add-on

    hello, Well, I don't see the ground enough to guess, but if they use an addon, its looks to be FTX Global