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  1. Marcus can you right click on the EnvironmentForce_x64.dll in the REXModules and let me know the version of it? Thanks
  2. We are scheduled. Just curious, Can you right click on your DLL and check the version of it ? Thanks.
  3. Just curious, Can you right click on your DLL and check the version of it ? Thanks
  4. I PMed you several days ago. Can you check your Inbox/Messaging? Thanks
  5. The ones with this issue, can you PM me so I can access your PC? Thanks
  6. @justadude can I access tour PC? If so will PM you. Thanks
  7. Does this happens with the enable on? or with it off as well ? Thanks
  8. I sent you a PM to look at your PC. Can you kindly reply? Thanks
  9. What version of EF are you using? Thanks, Federico
  10. What textures are you using? Can you try and restore the default clouds or lower the resolution? Thanks
  11. In the video I see clouds dissipating which may be a sim issue triggered by EF. The black clouds, each time you mod the shaders, the cloud one, you could see black clouds as a glitch. P3D has got better but still this could appear. This is generally solved when you recompile the shaders. is that those two issues you have? Can you solve the black clouds via a recompile? Thanks
  12. Can you let me know what are tour issues? I saw the video and I need to investigate. Seems like a FOV issues
  13. Please recompile your shaders and see if it is fixed.
  14. If you could record a short video on before (bright) and after (dark) will be great.
  15. Thanks, we are taking a look.
  16. The cirrus (in your case the cirrus overcast) don't cast shadows. So the shadows you have are the cumulus' ones. This is P3D limitation, and the cirrus overcast downside. But in the auto mode, we are working on darkening the terrain.
  17. Is this the scale up down of the cloud size in auto mode?
  18. Can you post an image? None of the settings are working on the in-sim menu?
  19. To all having FPS issues, disable cirrus overcast and load again the sim.
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