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  1. Thanks .... I appreciate that.
  2. Dolf ..... Maybe that's my problem as I don't even know what a weather engine is?? At the moment I don't have any settings at all because Ezcam kept crashing my computer until it reached the point of freezing completely and it never booted again. So I formatted and am slowing building it up from bare metal. I am assuming that a weather engine would identify the local weather? If I were to get one .... do you have a suggestion? Thanks, Jim
  3. I recently purchased REX4 HD + Soft Clouds and am still learning how to use it and I am a bit confused about Weather Themes that I create. My 1st success with REX4 was using a community created theme that had 5 stars and I was so super impressed with the results that I posted the video on Orbx. Building on that initial success I thought I would create my own theme based on the current weather at KEUL, and based on what I can see visually outside. I created a Theme using the local airport, KEUL whitch is 5 miles distance, installed it and opened up FSX and selected Stormy Weather???. My understanding is that you select weather from within FSX that most closely matches what you created ... but there are no selections within FSX that portrays complete cloud cover that looks threatening.... so I pick Stormy Weather which begins with rain and none of the clouds are clearly defined. This does not resemble my current weather. Should there not be a Theme within FSX that points to REX4 as Advanced Sky does?? So I am hoping someone would clear up for me what I need to do to further my understanding on how Rex4 works?? Or should I increase the cloud cover within FSX?
  4. Ok ..... definitely my bad. The corrupted images definitely manifested themselves after running Rex4 but the problem was in my Scenery Library positions. I had done nothing to them .... but was happily installing Clouds, free airports, free airplanes, new Payware scenery and borked the arrangements. So I needed to learn about the Scenery Library anyway .... and this problem gave me about 5 days to upgrade my fading brain cell memory. Found out there was a simple tool in Orbx to do that, but I guess I needed more education anyway. Thanks to those who answered my calls for help!
  5. Thanks Ebo ..... and re-running the Vector tool again was part of the cure. But the biggest part of the problem was my lack of knowledge of the order in the scenery library and how to re-arrange it correctly (tool in Orbx Global Central) so much to learn and so little space in my brain.
  6. There is probably a fix for Rex4 corrupting certain airport textures and elevations (and my entire scenery enhancements) but if so I have not found it. I have FTX CRM, FTX Global Base, FTX Trees, FTX Vectors running very smooth and then I purchased Rex4 Direct Soft Clouds. If I apply High Resolution settings in Rex4 certain airports are corrupted beyond repair even after uninstalling Rex4 and the only solution is to do a Restore back to where all was well. Specifically the Idaho airport in the city of Hailey ends up with huge holes and sets all my terrain back to default FSX settings. My beautiful Orbx scenery all corrupted! Talk about major panic. Specifically I'm really ticked that uninstalling Rex4 does not repair the permanently damaged textures and I have to do a "Restore".
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