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  1. Terrain return is generally used to see if there is a shadow or not behind a cell (tipically a thunderstorm to avoid) http://code7700.com/radar_techniques.htm
  2. ok, thank for your answer. i tought it was like a ground map mode where we could see ground return, that's my mistake. i'm very happy to have my Radar back Thank you to your team (and you !)
  3. Just tested, Radar is working fine into Milviz DHC2. Just, i don't find any change between weather and map mode. perhaps i don't understand what's map mode is doing. To see. I have removed the radar shipped with DHC2 (MV_WX.dll into panel folder of DHC2) by renaming it "MV_WX.bak" to avoid P3D to use it instead of REX one. and i have install REX radar as an addon (by creating an add-on.xml file) instead of using the old method of having it into "modules" folder of P3D. it's cleaner
  4. Thank you guys. Will try on DHC2 and DHC3 asap and...i realize i'm on P3DV4.0, not 4.1 lol. i will update my P3d before
  5. Yes, the joke continues. I think we will have the product we bought in 2016 working in 2018 (pray for LM to not releasing a new hotfix for P3D this year, the radar could be delayed to 2019 !).
  6. 5 months since P3DV4. This addon is turning into a joke... 4 REX addons : Texture Direct HD with REX Soft CloudsREX Essential PLUS w/OverDriveREX Simulation/Milviz - WX Advantage RadarREX - Worldwide Airports HD and only 1 that can be used and not since a long time (Texture Direct HD with REX Soft Clouds). I will not trust REX anymore and will not give more money for softwares i can use only 2 weeks per year . Sorry to be so rough but my words are as high as my deception.
  7. And now, P3D v4.1 is coming, good luck
  8. And every month, it is delayed to next month. i know we have to be patient but it start to be a little too much.(like always with this product) . And why i'm so disapointed ? because when working, it's really a very good product !
  9. i was talking about the latest P3D hotfix, not yours
  10. Need a new version probably as radar deals with sim's internal code/memory which changes with each version. Hotfix do not resolve a lot of things so i will wait for radar update to upgrade my P3D
  11. same file version after cleaning (removing both gauge and module file, uninstall with product installer, and remove installation folder), download product again and reinstall. - MV_WX.DLL (details showed "for 3.4.18", (file version in P3d/gauges and c:\WX Advantage Radar\files\P3D3418 - MV_WXM.DLL (details showed "for 3.4.14") (file version in P3d/modules and c:\WX Advantage Radar\modules\P3D3418 and these are the version files i find into the install package also. edit: wait .. with these file version, the same as yesterday, it seems to work...i don't understand ! but it works. perhaps uninstalling previous file has help... thanks you for your help.
  12. For me the details of the gauge MV_WX.DLL in gauge folder of P3D is "3.4.18", it's ok. (file version but not the module MV_WXM.DLL (details showed "3.4.14") (file version And i have the message MV_WX.DLL not compatible (and that's strange because, it's seems to not be the gauge the problem, but the module) Hope it can help. Regards.
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