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  1. Hello rstough! Excellent, it works fine no more "error" Thank you very much for your help Best regards Pat
  2. Hi rstough! The version of the dll is 1.11.38! My install on P3D now works, but I've still the problem with FSX-SE. Thank you for helping Regards Pat
  3. I tried to install manually the SP1 fix after having uninstall it with windows, but I get the same error! By the way uninstalling the Wx RDR on all the planes(on both FSX-SE and P3D)before upadating manually is a real pain in the a.s. Why not add a tick box"remove on all planes" in the process?
  4. Hi everybody! I did the update of the WX radar this morning with the updater and I get this message"MV_WX.DLL incompatible with this simulator"everytime I launch FSX-SE(and also my P3D V3.4 18). The radar seems to work nonetheless, when I clear the error message, as I get the good test picture! Thank you for helping Cheers Pat
  5. rstough thank you very much for the support. It works fine now Best regards Pat Mussotte
  6. Hello REX! I very recently installed P3D V3.3.5(17625)on my computer and also the REX/Milvyz WXR RDR(last version). It works perfectly fine in my FSX-SE but in P3D the WXR RDR shows a black screen. If I compare the two install, I can see that in P3D there is no "MV_WX.dll" in Gauges and no "MV_WXM.dll" in Modules folders as these 2 files show in their FSX-SE folders counterpart. Thank you for helping Regards Pat Mussotte
  7. Ok rstough I understand! The wx radar works fine, I used today Best regards Pat
  8. I use only Windows Defender and windows firewall! Even if I make an exclusion for the updater I get the error message!
  9. Hi everybody! First thank you very much for this "must have"addon! I updated my Wx Radar from BUILD: 1.0.2016.0504 to BUILD: 1.0.2016.0519 with the prescribed procedure(Run as Admin...). I get the message shown in the picture when I try to run the updater. My Wx Radar is installed on C disk outside of Progarm Files. Any reason why I get this Error message? Best regards Pat Mussotte
  10. Hi everybody! I had too this error! I never had FSX Before installing FSX-SE on my computer something weird with the installer! Anyway problem sorted out now for this awesome product. Thank you so much for help guys Great job Milviz and REX Best regards Pat
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