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  1. Thanks timest999, Appreciate your prompt response. veemaniq
  2. Hi, I have been using REX E+OD along with REX 4 Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds and REX 4 Weather Architect and have been enjoying my P3D sim experience since December. However, today when I click on the "Fly Now" button in REX E+OD, I am getting the following message: 'You cannot run Prepar3D and the REX Weather Engine until you have a valid access record.' [Please see image below] I have purchased all three of the above mentioned products including a separate payment for P3D use. Not sure if I can safely post my purchase order numbers here but happy to provide that if needed. Please let me know how I go about resolving this issue. Thanks in advance. veemaniq
  3. Thanks timest999 for your prompt response. Do I need to uninstall REX Essential + OD first? And does REX4 Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds work well with WIN 8.1/WIN 10? Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I recently got REX Essential + OD. I am now considering getting either Soft Clouds (stand alone) or Texture Direct 4 w/Soft Clouds. My questions: 1) Does Texture Direct 4 have the same textures as in REX Essential + OD? or different and better? 2) Will I be better off by just getting Soft Clouds as an add-on to my current REX Essential + OD? 3) What would you recommend? Thanks in advance. veemaniq
  5. Sorry for my late reply. Yes, my question got answered.
  6. Hi, I am a fairly new user of REX Essential + OD, my question is related to creating a flight plan in REX and when FSX starts it does not have the flight plan loaded. Does one have to load this manually? Did I miss something in the installation process that these two products (REX & FSX) are not connected properly? The same thing goes for selecting weather at a specific airport and hitting the 'Fly Now' button, it starts FSX but with the default location. Again I have to manually select the specific airport that I selected the weather for in REX. Thanks for your help in advance. veemaniq
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