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  1. Thank you very much for your support! I tried connecting via my phone and indeed it worked well now. So apparently it's my router which is blocking connection with REX. I am now trying to find the possible cause in my router settings. I will keep you updated. Thanks!
  2. Hi, yes I can confirm and exceptions have been added to windows defender as well. I also tried to start REX with defender not running at all, but no success.
  3. Sorry I still haven't found the solution for this. Could you help me with suggestions? thanks..
  4. I have got an average download speed of 94 mbps and an upload speed of 95 mbps.
  5. I still get this error unfortunately. I noticed more people had problems to connect with the servers. I think my wifi connection is the problem. I use an USB dongle to connect with a tp link router. Someone else also found out this is causing the conflict and changed his wifi connection, but for me it's the only way to have internet. Do you have any advice on wifi connection? thanks,
  6. Thanks for your suggestions. I tried all of them, but unfortunately I still get the same error saying REX temporary lost contact with the servers. I also tried reinstalling REX, but it did not solve the issue. Might there be something wrong with the SQL server? Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm suffering from server problems, and I already tried many possiblities to solve this problem, but without any success. It seems REX cannot download anything from the weather server or from community. I receive below message, could you please help me out with this? Many thanks in advance,
  8. Hi could you please help me out with my server problem???

    I already sent two messages to your colleagues but to no avail. Also, I don't seen any possibility to post something in this forum.




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