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  1. Thanks for your reply. Sorry if this question seems redundant but i'm starting to get confused with all my settings and everything I'm doing. Do you mean the DX10 water options in REX Essential options manager? I have wave animation and DX10 optimized checked as well as all water textures and wave animation DXT1. How do i Re-Install water and wave textures? i forgot to mention in original post that even if i am not running REX and just using FSX weather the problem still occurs. Thanks again....
  2. Hey guys, I recently installed REX on my system and i since experienced problems with all my water textures in FSX SE. All my water textures (land and at sea) are constantly flickering with a large amount of small white dots and has a "snowy" type affect, as though watching an old Tv with no picture tuned. It is happening from any altitude, at any time of day and at every location around the world. There is no detail in any water at all either. The pics i have added show the white dots but don't show the "snowy" affect as the textures aren't moving in the pics. I have installed on my PC REX Essential Plus, FTX Base, Global, Vectors and other FTX products. I have tried changing all types settings in all my Addons and in FSX itself but nothing is correcting it. I have also tried running steves DX10 fixer aswell but still no luck. Anybody have any ideas of what could be causing this or what specific settings i can try adjusting, cheers 2017-12-26_16-25-38-877.BMP 2017-12-26_16-26-7-33.BMP
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