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  1. I'll try that again. That did it.
  2. New owner. Every time I open EF, I am asked to register it. I do and then I have to go through all the steps to set everything up as I had it. Very large pain. How do I get this fixed?
  3. A simple question that is very hard to find an answer for: Should Enable Real-Time Weather be on or off if I use Active Sky?
  4. Whatever. No response is why I do not use REX products.
  5. When I run the Gauge Management tool it asks if the sim I want to install the gauges in is P3d V3. I don't have that version installed, only v.4.1. How do I get it to find 4.1?
  6. I didn't expect an answer over the weekend. Not a problem.
  7. I misspoke, it was MilViz, to whom I also sent a message about the problem, who told me to post on REX. I did email Reed about it. Thanks, Bob
  8. I purchased the WX Advantage Weather radar in May, installed and activated it. I received an email from SimMarket saying there was an update available. I downloaded it from My Account>Order History at SimMarket, but when I tried to activate it with the key from the original order and from the confirmation email, an error message said the information did not match SimMarket's records. I oped a support ticket with them and was told that the number of activations had probably been exceeded and to contact the publisher. I activated the product when I first purchased it and then when it was updated a bit later. That is two activations. I don't see how that exceeds a limit. I would like to have the product, but this makes no sense. I see that others have the same problem and were told to email. I sent an email to that address, but was told I had to open a ticket here first. Strange way to run Support.
  9. I bought and installed the product in May. I had a catastrophic HD meltdown and had to start over. I just tried to reinstall it and when I put my name, email and the key in the installer, it said it didn't match the records at SimMarket. I know there has been an update since. How do I go about verifying my ownership of the license?
  10. I haven't received anything. My email is bob.zolto@gmail.com. Sorry, just arrived.
  11. I emailed him a couple of days ago, received a stock response about receiving mine, but nothing since.
  12. I've used alternate servers, prayer and stomping my feet. This is ridiculous. Two more tries, with one cab not downloading at all. Another try and this time two cabs stopped. I have not had any problem downloading anything else, no matter how large. Usually, of course, large files/app;s are condensed and sent that way.
  13. I don't think I have ever seen as bad a download/installation process as this. I have tried to download REX4Direct w/Soft Clouds for several days. After about 9 hours Friday, I kept getting unhandled exception errors, so I started over. After another three hours, the download simply stopped and I gave up after waiting another six hours. I tried again Saturday and after four more hours it stopped again. Another try and all but two cabs finished within two hours. The remaining two stopped. Tried again Sunday morning, this time all but one cab finished in a couple of hours. 0% on Cab 16. So far, that's 3 days, about 26 hours and the download isn't finished. Is there any other way to install your product. I have FSX-SE. I had to repurchase the product because of a computer failure. I was unable to find the first purchase made last year, but I don't remember this kind of installation problem.
  14. I didn't install it. I reinstalled the drive it was on (not quite as simple as that, but...) and I was able to start it. When I did it asked to update to version 4.8.2016.0622. When I download it and try to install I get the usual false positive in Trend Micro and then it installs only the Hotfix. If I try to start REX 4 again, it asks for the update again. I figure the best thing is to uninstall the whole thing and start over, but can't.
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