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  1. Okay, thanks. One more question, should the checkmark above the slider be checked or unchecked before moving the slider to a new setting?
  2. Hi folks, my slider is at 0.50 and the checkmark above it is checked. What does the slider change and what can you recommend? Greetings!
  3. Sorry. You can go ahead and close this topic. I haven't experienced any problems in the past weeks. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi, thanks for checking. I didn't forget about this topic, but I wanted to try one more flight plan with Architect and see if the issue persists. I will get back to you then. I'd appreciate if we could leave this topic open until then. Greetings!
  5. Okay, thank you. I will send you an email soon. Good day!
  6. No worries. Yes, this is the correct order. Another observation: I loaded my saved theme from WX Architect, then clicked on Flight Planner in P3D as described in the WX Architect manual, which makes P3D freeze and load a scenario. After loading has finished the desktop and P3D menu are still visible and frozen. I closed P3D with task manager and again deleted the Prepar3d.cfg so that it does not start as background process. Maybe the issue is that the flight plan I imported for this weather theme was deleted some time ago during my investigation?
  7. Thanks for the info! By reloading I mean exiting the simulator, then restarting and loading the scenario from the saved flights window in P3D, that's it. WX Architect stayed open and unchanged during that period. Greetings!
  8. I reinstalled the entire WX radar. Then I started my flight on the ramp with the radar gauge installed, loaded my flight plan and requested the IFR clearance. This worked so far so I went ahead and started the weather injection. Worked also until I left the sim and tried to reload the scenario. After the loading finished I requested the IFR clearance again and the simulator crashed and upon restart starts as background process, which is the same problem as before. I'd appreciate more help and will also try to restart the flight without reloading the scenario and see if it helps. P.S.: What is WX Advantage Radar v2 which I see in the REX File Transer Manager?
  9. Hi again, sorry for the wait. I deleted the Prepar3d.cfg and it works now. But I still got the error message p3d mv_wxm.dll error message, so I updated Milviz radar. Now the sim crashed every time I wanted to request an IFR clearance or click the flight planner in the menu bar. Therefore I deleted all flight plans and it still does not work. Even more, after the sim crashed it again starts as background process. Then I delete the cfg again and the sim loads but then again the IFR problem.
  10. No, still no success. The problem remains. Now I see another message aditionally. Any other ideas?
  11. P3D starts black as background process. I did not update P3D to the very last version yet. Should I go ahead and do so? And afterwards do I have to update REX too? How? Thanks for your help Reed.
  12. Hi, I created a new weather theme for the first time since a few months but Architect did not open P3D correctly. While it starts, I only see a black screen and have to close it in Task Manager where it is listed as Background Process. Can you help me please?
  13. @dolf8857 Thanks Dolf! That might help. I think that I will never remove the radar from the C-47 so I can just let this issue rest after the installation part has been solved. But I also wanted to report this just for the protocol. Have a great day!
  14. Yes Sir. Installed p3d v3.4.14 and the wx radar update just a few days ago.
  15. I found the aircraft in the Edit category, which means I probably added the radar previously but forgot about it. However, it doesn't show up in the Remove category as well.
  16. Hi, the WX Radar installer doesn't recognize the Manfred Jahn C-47 aircraft. If I point out the folder path, it shows the plane's folder as empty. What can we do here? Thanks!
  17. I haven't installed WA as I was waiting for you to announce that it's safe to install into the upgraded P3D. Alright, thanks! Then I'm going to install it as soon as possible. I already have TD and WX radar installed which work fine! Topic solved.
  18. So this means both the version for P3D V3.4 as well as the new functions like cloud ceiling etc?
  19. Hi guys, have you got an update in the planning? I'm enjoying the updates you released so far! Thanks!
  20. I mean the software which you are updating at the moment. Sorry for the confusion
  21. Okay, thanks. I got it working with the WX Advantage Radar FSX-X Simconnect dependency hint. One more questions and you can mark this solved: Is it okay to install Texture Direct and Weather Architect after WX Radar? Once you release the update, I plan to do so if it's okay.
  22. @rstough Thanks! Where can I download the full install version?
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