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  1. Hi folks, runway textures in winter always revert back to the same dull texture. Taxiways, however stay as selected in the Texture Direct app. When it does not snow, I would prefer to see the texture I installed. Even greater would it be if you could add a HD snowy runway set of textures. Season's Greetings!
  2. This would be so grandiose! Think of how grand the pixels could resemble the gravel corns...
  3. Thanks Dale Grand to see you here on the forums as well!
  4. Very nice. Evolution is real for sure.
  5. Hi everyone, when taxiing at CYHY Hay River Airport, I encountered this poor gravel texture. Would it be possible to add gravel and dirt textures to Texture Direct?
  6. Hmm, yes, can do. Thank you gets. I'll try it myself! Bermuda
  7. @gets Thank you, the environment part is solved. Now I would like to know what the cloud shear slider in WA does?
  8. What is cloud shear in the environment and how does the cloud shear parameter in WA influence this? Greetings, Bermuda
  9. Order reference: ZPQMXHNER REX store
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