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  1. Hi I've recently purchased FSX: Steam Edition Premium (which included Rex4 Texture Direct). It's now installed and working fine and at the latest build 4.6.2016.0210 I then went on an FSX addon binge (as you do) and purchased REX Soft Clouds (outside of Steam). It is also installed and working fine at build 4.3.2016.0210 (even though the interface says it still needs an update?) Is there a way to integrate my stand alone REX Soft Clouds with REX Texture Direct Steam edition? From the warning listed in this topic, i gather there isnt, but Im happy to be proven wrong. Also, at the risk of continuing down the rubbish Steam addon path, am I better off deleting the Texture Direct Steam edition, and re-starting with an all combined REX product like REX Essential Overdrive? I would much rather prefer to do all my REX modifications from within one application, than having to open multiple different stand alone apps. On that note - does REX Essential Overdrive include all the elements of Texture Direct and Soft Clouds within the same package? It doesnt explicitly say that on the website. Would be nice to see a feature list table comparing all the REX products so I know what Im buying. Looking forward to hearing back and thanks for developing this incredible software. It has totally rekindled my enthusiasm for flight sims (much to the dismay of my wallet)
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