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  1. @galen Kingsley Super this links Works.. Jubbiiiiiii. Let all know this works for me. Thanks a lot for the support Yours sincerely Kim, Denmark
  2. @rstough Hi, Yes I think I resolved the problem. This is how it worked for me. Please note that I do not know if its the right way!!!! 1. I downloaded REXEssentialPlusSP3 from Flight sim store, with the new udates. 2. I make the flight plan in REX Essential and save it into FSX. 3. Then I close REX Essential, and open FSX. Here i find the flightplan and use it with my REX4 Texture Direct. IF this is the right way, then we can close topic But there is so many opportunities. The more you try, the more you find out. Thank you very much for the interest helping me out Yours sincerely Kim, Denmark
  3. @Tim @Galen Hi, Again This is what I did. First i testet to run REX4 TD without a weathermachine like @Galen suggested. And then only created weather in FSX. This worked out FINE. Then i installed REX Essential. Both is installed directly on C:/. Not in x86 folder. Both is installed as admin and when i run it,also as admin. My system is win 10 64 bit. So far so good. Now I`m afraid of installing my older REX Essential files on top of REX4 TD. So this is what i did about this issue: 1 I created my flight plan in REX Essential without installing textures. Now the plan is stored in FSX. Now i need to find a way to use the flight plan with the REX4 TD textures. This way i only use REX Essential as a weather engine. Remember to set REX Essential as your weather engine within REX4 TD: I will read more about this issue in the topic posted, and return later. Untill then i wish you all a nice day/evening or night Yours sincerely Kim, Denmark
  4. @Galen @ Reed Hi, Its now 8 40 AM in Denmark. I will work on the issue and let you know later how it goes. In the meantime I will thank you all, for the great support. It`s most appreciated. Yours sincerely Kim, Denmark
  5. @Tim @Galen Hi, Its now 8 30 AM in Denmark. I will work on the issue and let you know later how it goes. In the meantime I will thank you all, for the great support. It`s most appreciated. Yours sincerely Kim, Denmark
  6. @REX Support Thanks I will try that :-) Your Sincerely Kim, Denmark
  7. @REX Support Thanks i will try that. I downloaded REXEssentialPlusSP3 from Flight sim store. My REX 4 texture direct is installed I will see in your topic, if I need to uninstall REX 4 TD first, and install in this way . 1 REXEssentialPlusSP3 second REX 4 Texture Direct. Your Sincerely Kim, Denmark
  8. @rstough Hi, again. Can you advice me what to do? IF I buy REX Essential Plus with overdrive. Do I then buy the same textures again+ a weather engine. And then what platform do i use. REX 4 texture direct which is already installed or REX ESSENTIAL. It looks to me that i bought the wrong product. :-) Never mind - what will you do in my situation. By the way I have an old Real Environment Xtreme v2.0 somewhere. Yours sincerely Kim, Denmark
  9. Hi, Again REX 4 Texture Direct is no weather machine. Until i found the harddrive where my old REX ( With W, engine ) is hidden. To where do I browse when i have no weather engine. It doesn`t say in the manual ( As I can see ). - Maybe Fsx.cfg or Texture direct.exe? When I save and install a theme nothing happens when REX4 auto opens FSX. I can see that the texture is much more better. But in order to use the theme I installed and saved. Is there anything i should do when FSX starts? Like go to weather section and choose " Thunderstorm" Or just create a new flight. Please help Yours sincerely Joaqin, Denmark
  10. Thanks for your reply OK, so if i buy REX Essential it will work together with my REX texture direct? I will take a look at REX Essential. Your Sincerely Kim, Denmark
  11. Hi I just bought Rex4 Texture direct. But i found out its no weather machine!! So: If i want to create a flightplan from A to B. And all the way the weather shall be a major thunderstorm with lighting and turbolence. How do i create this, or do i need to buy something extra :-) I have been told that it should be possible to load in some historic "BAD" weather Your Sincerely Kim, Denmark
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