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  1. Or can I have a download code for REX essential plus overdrive and we scrap rex4? I rememebre REX essential plus overdrive supplies brilliant weather engine and good texture cluld we do this today as its my day off and would be nice to play FSX with some sort of REX product Thanks
  2. Hi this is not working. I have had REX 4 before so I baffled to why it is not can I please get a refund which is a shame as I do want rex4 but it's been 2 weeks now thank you
  3. Hi I have had no reply for two days it's two weeks now I have had the issue can I please have a refund of this product if it can't be fixed I did not have this issue last time I installed it thanks
  4. Sorry the special permissions box is not ticked on do not allow it is just not ticked at all
  5. Hi every profile has all the permissions options ticked. Apart from special permissions And that won't let me edit it to allow Also I can't find the bglc.exe file in the REX folder to do that option
  6. and how do i now find this post. i am not very good with forums dont use them, its been nearly a week now since i bought this product again !
  7. hi not sure really how to use these forums. I have had to re download REX 4 from FS pilot shop. I donwload it to my D drive. I install it into a separate folder in D (not program files).I install it as admin, and run as admin, i get the first loading screen were it shows REX loading. But then it does not actually load up. every time i click it it says REX is not working, and i have to close the program why is this? i did not have this problem last year when i downloaded it. I am running windows 7,
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