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  1. Sorry it's taken so long to reply, that whole "work" thing gets in the way I'm glad to report that upon launching FSX this evening to take some screenshots for this thread, everything seems to be working now. Honestly not sure what changed, but I think we're safe to close this ticket. Again, i'd like to thank you for your swift attention to this matter. Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the reply. No ErrorLog folder exists in the main REX folder. I did a quick search on the folder for the word "error" and came up with no results. Thanks so much for your assistance.
  3. Greetings REX Team, I'm new to REX, and the FSX addon scene, so please excuse my ignorance right off the bat. I have purchased FSX Steam Edition, as well as REX 4 Texture Direct Steam Edition, and successfully installed both (as far as I can tell anyway). The thing is, I simply don't see any difference in what FSX looked like before the installation of REX, and what it looks like after. It just doesn't appear to be changing, well anything to be honest. This leads me to believe that it's simply not installing correctly. I've followed the installation guide, all seems to be well in regards to no errors being shown or anything obviously wrong. Just looking for some assistance in getting this up and running properly. Thanks in advance! System Specs: Windows 10 Pro Nvidia GTX 980 500gig Samsung SSD 16gigs DDR3 Also - UAC is disabled, Windows Firewall is disabled, no AV installed. I've attached a photo of my settings in hopes that it will be helpful.
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