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  1. I am also experiencing this. Both from the Simmarket update and direct from the REX update download.
  2. I have been having the same issue with this update. Bitdefender does not want anything to do with this update to be on my system. Even the download from Simmarket where I purchased the product has issues. Can never extract the exe file to run the update.
  3. We can mark it as closed. Early on I tried closing explorer during install via the task manager and the pc did not seem happy at all. But when it finally rebooted the install continued and completed. I have not had any free time to fly since then but I am able to start EF. I will report back if there are any further problems. Thanks.
  4. But Windows Explorer is not something you can turn off without serious consequences. It’s the primary program for “getting around” in windows. If it had been something simple like an Apple service then that would have been super simple. This one, not so much.
  5. Hello all. When trying to install EV I am running into a problem. During the installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 LocalDB I get the attached error message advising me that it cannot access needed files. I cant just shutdown Windows Explorer during an install. Any advice on how to proceed? Thanks.
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