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  1. Thank you Grant I will give it a try and let you know if I have any luck. Thank you for your assistance Regards Richard SWAN
  2. Hi Tim I have copied and pasted the old and new serial numbers in countless times, while carefully observing 0's and O's. I have contacted my supplier PC Aviator Australia and spent 35 minutes on the phone and we both keyed in the serial numbers together many, many times. PC Aviator then concluded that I was keying in the correct numbers and promptly sent me a new registration code. This new code failed again. I am absolutely baffled as you would think that I am getting the numbers incorrect, but Tim I think that I am getting the numbers correct. Could it be something else? I have been Flight Simming for over 15 years and have never had this problem before. Tim has any other REX4 member had this problem? Many thanks for your post. If you can think of any other reason, please let me or Reed know. Happy New Year Regards Richard SWAN
  3. Hi Mr Stough Thank you for you post PC Aviator has sent me a new software invoice with a new Registration Number. However the new registration number has been rejected as Invalid again. Would I need to re-download the new software from PC Aviator? I have not done this as yet. My only problem is that it is a very large file and I would prefer to get the Discs from PC Aviator. I carefully copied and pasted the registration number to avoid 0's and O's. I did this many times over and over again Has any other members experienced this problem? I will contact PC Aviator again today. If you have any ideas that can help me, I would appreciate it very much. Regards Richard SWAN
  4. Yes many,many times, I even contacted PC Aviator and went through my serial number that was sent to me by them, but alas to no avail, still getting "invalid Serial Number. Thanks for your reply Happy New Year
  5. Hi REX Support Team I am unable to install my REX4 TD HD + Soft Clouds into my FSX-SE. I keep getting "Invalid Serial Number" I rang my supplier PC Aviator and Dean re-checked my registration number, as being the correct one, but I was still unable to install the programme as I keep getting "Invalid Serial Number" My purchase details are: Purchased from PC Aviator on: 24/12/15 Invoice Number: 32884 PC Aviator Stock Code: DL-REX4TDSC I would appreciate some help please as I am very keen to get this great program up and running in my FSX-SE Rick_hang
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