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  1. Hello, Thanks guys! Can't wait to finally use your product! -Colton
  2. Still no luck with the support session. He said that I would have to re-install windows because there are problems that are preventing the application from running. The problem is, I do not have the time to do this, and I have applications and files on there that are extremely important. I am extremely disappointed and agitated with this now. This should have worked from when I installed it, and I shouldn't have to re-install windows on my computer to make this work or spend my time trying to fix this. Best, Colton
  3. Hello, I just installed REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. When the installer was running, I got an error message saying that the: "SQL Server VSS Writer Failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services." I clicked skip, then the installer completed the installation. I then ran the REX 4 application as an administrator and it loaded the application, but there was just a big black box on the screen. I have tried the 64 bit SQL server installer listed in the forum, and the sqlprocess.bat file with no luck. Any help would be appreciated as I have been working on this for hours. Thanks, Colton
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