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  1. Hello REX, I am very impressed by your products. I don't have a word to say about Sky Force 3D, it's perfect. However, I do have some suggestions for your upcoming product, SIMAIR. I want to request a feature called In-Flight Map. From what I learnt, I think SIMAIR will be a flight carrier addon that enriches the interests of flying and also managing. In-Flight map is a very common utility in the real world. It displays the progress of the flight with some critical information. Like position report, distance travelled, local time etc. It really enhanced the experience that makes you feel you can either be a pilot or a passenger. It also shows some critical information that can also be assistive for flight. Rockwell Collins has variety products of in-flight maps. And here are some examples on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/In-flight_entertainment#Moving-map_systems https://www.rockwellcollins.com/Products_and_Services/Commercial_Aviation/In-flight_Entertainment_and_Connectivity/Airshow-Moving-Maps.aspx feelThere launched a similar product for FS9 called MAP!, you can find some information here, http://secure.simmarket.com/feelthere-map.phtml I really wish you consider adding this feature to the list, it will be very interesting seeing this in the SIMAIR. Regards
  2. Hi, Request verification for REX 4 Texture Direc t (with Soft Cloud) for Prepar3d v3 order with the reference: IIQPGFSHV (REX Store) Thank you
  3. Hi, Request verification for REX Latitude, I can not log in to the portal Please solve this problem, Thank you! I purchased this product on simMarket, the order number is 1392870 order number: 1392870 (simMarket)
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