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  1. Thank you. Using it as you advise works fine. Solved.
  2. Hi, I noticed that if I exit a P3D session, then exit EF, unless I restart the computer, EF will not start at all. Should EF be closed before or after closing the sim?
  3. I personally have no problem waiting a month (or more) for an update. I am still able to enjoy the sim without a weather radar. I have all the REX products, and would have no hesitation in continuing to be a faithful purchaser/user of these fine products.
  4. Thank you Reed. I have sent you an email. Cheers, Geoff
  5. Hey Tim, I followed your instruction a week ago (sent email to support@rexgamestudios.com) and still no reply. Can you check if I have fallen out of the system somewhere please? I did not include the above link - could that be the reason? I am sending it again today. Also, how can I easily find my posts (without going through the whole forum!)?
  6. Hi, With great anticipation and excitement, I downloaded updated TD+SC for P3Dv4. But, it won't install! I downloaded via the link given (.zip and also the .exe) and followed EXACTLY the instructions for each (as no joy with .exe). Alas, no joy with .zip. Here's the sequence of my attempts: 1. Turned off my firewall and anti-virus. 2. Started TD+SC as usual. From v 4.8.2016.0928, I pressed the update button. It went to the .exe download link, which, by default in W10, is saved to Downloads. 3. After download, clicked on rexinstaller.exe (as instructed). All good, it said it installed it. I assumed it would install to the default C:\REX Texture Direct, but when I pressed the existing desktop link, up came the old v 4.8.2016.0928. I completely uninstalled and went through the whole process again from the .zip file. Same result. I tried Repair, no change. Helllllp!! Thanks.
  7. Thank you so much! My REX4+Soft Clouds now says it is up to date, v4.7.2015.1006. Your help is greatly appreciated and I am a happy simmer once again BTW, fantastic product!
  8. Thank for your response. I turned off Antivirus and checked also that Windows Defender is not active. Still the same result. I use Firefox as default, but also tried MS Edge and IE with the same result.
  9. Hi, My REX Direct with Soft Clouds tells me an update is available from 4.4.2015.0115 to 4.7.2015.0818. When I press the "Update" button, it downloads setup.exe. When I press that, I get "This installation Package could not be opened...." (See attached image). I purchased it as a DVD (Aug 2015) but seller (FSS) cannot solve (FSS0400826). Running W10 Home which was OS used to originally install REX. Can you help with this please? Thanks.
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