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  1. Downloaded REX4 Texture direct HD w. Soft Clouds a couple of days ago. Setup on computer is : Win 10 Home ( incl. all the latest updates ), Prepar3d v.3, and now REX4 build: 4.4.2015.0115. Thats it, in other words, a clean flightsimulator nothing else. As soon as the program starts ( yes, I run it as an Administrator ) the sign that tells me to update the software to build 4.7.2015.0818 shows up. I click OK and a setup-file is downloaded. Problem is it doesn´t work !! I get an error message that says "The installationpackage can´t open. Please confirm that this is a cleared package for Windows Installer." ( in Swedish though ). I´ve tried severel times to install the update both this way and tried to download the servicepack 5-file and the hotfix manually from your forum site but REX4 REFUSE to accept ANY attempt to be updated. Suggestion what to do please... / Helisim Pilot
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