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  1. Run the bat file several times without any errors but REX 4 is still minimising after loading and not getting anything else not even the black screen now.
  2. Hi, I have gone through the steps above, although i don't have the option to switch compatibility to Windows 8.1 only goes up to Windows 8 in the drop box. Its still not working. Dave.
  3. Hi I managed to get to my pc quickly. I checked the firewall and its on the allowed list. and checked the others so that all 4 things checked. Still no change. The Build is 4.4.2015.0115 Dave.
  4. Hi. Thanks for getting back. Im away from my pc until tomorrow. I know the UAC is set to never notify and that it is run as administrator i will check the firewall and what build number it is when i get back. Cheers Dave.
  5. Hi guys. I've been having two different issues with Rex4 with soft clouds boxed edition since i received it Saturday. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit. I first installed it and it started up fine at first. Then i tried to update following the links within the programme it downloaded the Zip file and i extracted the setup file and double clicked on it and got "installation package could not be opened. contact the application vendor" message. i tried to find a solution but with no luck so i decided to remove and reinstall Rex4. I updated Windows 10 first to the recent November patch. and then installed Rex4 all looked like it should and i started REX up, the cool cloud intro came and went then the programme minimised and black screened. I tried the steps from Sundays post about deleting the LocalDB v11 and making a new one first manually then using the batch file in the link, but this hasn't had any effects. i have since tried to reinstall again but Rex4 still isn't working for me. Any Ideas here? Its probably something simple im sure. Any help much appreciated Dave.
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