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  1. Sure. Wasn't sure which one you wanted... Is one of these what you are looking for? Also, I don't know if this is connected, but I just opened the "log" folder in the root REX Worldwide Airports and there are 14 files dating back to Aug. 1, 2018. The most recent (3 files) were from today, when I tried switching the airport vehicle models... Attached as well. installtexturelog.txt installmodellog.txt 20190227_085854.txt 20190227_094913.txt 20190227_101607.txt
  2. Hi! I have searched the forums and found a few topics pertaining to this but none of those have helped me so far. I'm using P3dv4 and REX Worldwide Airports HD and when I inject the textures, the pushback tugs are not injected while the fuel trucks and baggage carts are. Here is a couple examples... Baggage carts installed and white, but default pushbacks Fuel Truck is blue, but default pushbacks And if I switch the colors and inject, baggage carts and fuel trucks are chartreuse but still default pushbacks... Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.
  3. Ok thank you! That is what I have been wondering. The miscommunication that happens in written media continues to astound me. Thank you for a clear and concise answer.
  4. Any thoughts @REX Support or @REX Support 2? You have this marked as "answered" but my problem still remains...
  5. Okay. Thanks gets! So that means there is something wrong in my system then right? Any ideas of what to try?
  6. I think so. It sounds like this is an issue with P3dv4 so not much can be done on your end. I might fire up FSX again just to test it out there. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for you response! Please bear with me because I am trying to make sense of your response with the results I'm seeing in the simulator. You said... I take that to mean REX 4 TD, when injecting textures in winter, is supposed to cover the default asphalt runways with a snowy asphalt texture and it is supposed to cover the default concrete runways with a non-snowy concrete texture. Am I understanding you correctly? If not, will you please try clarify? I am just trying to understand what is supposed to happen when injecting REX 4 TD textures in winter. Are my pictures in my first post here normal (the shift from concrete in summer to asphalt in winter)? Or is something not working properly?
  8. Ok. Thanks for the answer. So, just to be clear, in winter, the only textures portraying snowy runways are for asphalt runways. So runways that are supposed to be concrete get covered with the snowy asphalt texture instead of being a concrete runway with no snow on it. Correct? If so, is there a way to turn the snow textures off? I don't see an option in the control panel. Personally, I would rather have both asphalt and concrete runways active in the winter than have only an asphalt snowy runway texture everywhere.
  9. Yes, that is the correct folder location of P3d v4. I don't know if this helps, but attached is a screen shot of the current runway textures in my "F:\Prep3rd V4\Texture" folder after the latest injection from REX 4 TD. Does that look correct?
  10. No problem! Here is the install log. The last time I tried installing textures I installed the whole group at the same time which I don't normally do but it still didn't fix my issue. Normally, I install the textures individually because I use textures from REX Worldwide Airports and REX 4 TD Enhanced together. Thanks! installlog.txt
  11. Okay Thanks! Was it also a flaw in FSX? Because I had the exact same issue in FSX when using the lighting textures from either REX 4 TD or REX Worldwide Airports. But, if I used the light textures from REX Essential plus Overdrive, they worked perfectly, visible from miles away...
  12. Using P3D v4.4 and REX 4 TD Enhanced. A while back I noticed that when I tried to switch the runway textures using REX 4 TD, they wouldn't switch in P3D. It was always the same textures no matter what I chose and installed in REX 4 TD. Something else I noticed was runways that were supposed to be concrete had asphalt textures on them. I tried moving some files around and anything else I could think of like restoring default textures and reinstalling REX textures. I am no expert on any of this but I also tried comparing files in the p3d texture folder with what was in the REX 4 TD texture folder... Everything else in REX 4 TD seems to install and display correctly (clouds, sky, water, taxiways, etc) but just not the runways. After trying everything I could think of, I decided to try changing the season from winter to summer and voila! All of a sudden, the runway textures were correct... Here are a couple shots at the same airport, same time, same everything except the season... Winter- notice the asphalt textures (it is supposed to be a concrete runway) Summer- notice the shift to concrete textures Every setting in these 2 shots is the exact same. The ONLY difference is the season. I didn't even close P3D v4.4 between these 2 shots. Any explanation? Anyone else experiencing this? Any thoughts on how to correct? Thanks!
  13. Just an addition... If I use the airport lighting textures from Worldwide Airports HD, it does the same thing as above with REX TD Enhanced... P3dv4 will display the default light textures until I am several hundred feet from the lights. Then they switch to the REX textures...
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