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  1. I have done a support ticket, but problem is not solved. With activated AS4 I can not change 3D clouds in manually mode.
  2. I use SF, AS4 + EF. Can someone explain, why I can not change the 3D cloud-sets in "3D clouds texture sync" in manual mode with running AS4?
  3. So cloud models works only in automatic mode when SF is open? I´m confused also.
  4. I think "Enable real-time weather data read" should be OFF with AS.
  5. Is it better the "Overcast Density" slider set to" less" with EF?
  6. Control this slider the cloudmorphing time too? For example from a clear sky to overcast in only 1 Minutes or slow in 10 Minutes?
  7. With "smoothing" disabled I became cloud popping , no cloud morphing I can see. Only with smoothing ON is it better.
  8. mr340, Have you "smoothing" disabled in EF?
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