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  1. Hi, Rather than go through yet another reinstall, I just went ahead and applied the update and it worked. At least the red alert bar went away. I haven't actually done anything with TDSC for quite some time and don't really have any apparent need to do anything to the textures I have already chosen and installed, months ago, into my sim platforms (FSX-SE and P3D 3.2). So, unless there's a reason that I don't know about, I'll accept leaving things as they are now and consider this issue resolved. Thanks for your support.
  2. Hi, I have FSX-SE and P3D. Right now, P3D 3.2. I haven't actually used REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds since my initial install (actually, it's a delete-all and re-install), where I made a couple of updates to both sim platforms and have left things there. When I open the REX 4 control panel, I get a red-bar alert that I should upgrade to 4.8.2016.0926; e.g., not 4.8.2016.0928, which is in the filename of the zip file I downloaded from the site and in the ".msi" file contained in that file. If I click "cancel" on the alert-bar, and then navigate to the screen that has it and click on the "check for updates" button, it comes back and tells me that the product is up-to-date. This happens though the program info page shows 4.8.2016.0622, which I updated to in order to see if that would fix the strange update-alert behavior. So, I'm reluctant to update using the 4.8.2016.0928 file that I downloaded, since this all seems a bit out-of-whack and, I actually don't really have any immediate reason to upgrade other than to get rid of the messages. I do intend to upgrade P3D to 3.4, but I don't know if I'd need to re-do the REX 4 TDwSC texture changes or not, or if the ones that I've already done will break with P3D 3.4 or whatever... So, should I just go ahead and run the installer I downloaded for HF4 4.8.2016.0928 and just ignore the quirky message update mismatch thing? (BTW, if I click "ok" on the alert-bar, it tries to download a "rexinstall.exe" file that doesn't work because there's no ".msi" file, and this has been this way since I first installed REX 4, so I always go to the site and download the zip file.) Thanks, for any help you can provide.
  3. Please consider this topic resolved. I was in fact able to click the "cloud sizing" button with no noticeable affect, which is what I wanted. I was also able to inject REX 4 textures into P3D V3.2 without any issues. I still need to decide what the "cloud sizing" processing could do for me, but right now, for me, it's a solution looking for a problem. Thanks, again, for your help.
  4. Hi, This time I got notified of an update to this topic, so that seems to be fixed for me. Went ahead and followed the procedure you provided. Deleted all prior REX 4 programs (this also deleted the REX 4 folder). Downloaded rextdsc_sp6_hotfix2_20160325.zip (7,719,907,384) from PC Aviator; unzipped and installed it with no problems (the wizard step that presented a blank prerequisites window was a little jarring, but I just clicked "next" and went smoothly on). Now I only have one Rex4 program showing in Windows CP: REX 4 Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) REX Game Studios, LLC. 5/11/2016 16.9 GB 4.8.2016.0325 The REX 4 config app came up without a problem and shows the expected 4.8.2016.0325 on the initial splash and on the, "Program Information" window. Clicking the, "check for updates", button results in a red band on the window saying that the version is up-to-date. I didn't do anything else; i.e., didn't try the "cloud sizing" button. Thanks, again for your help. Waiting patiently...
  5. Sorry, for the delayed reply. Since joining this forum I've never gotten email notifications of responses to my posts, so I have to remember to keep checking, and I forgot. I'm using P3D 3.2. As noted I was able to execute the function to restore textures to their pre-Rex4 state (though it wasn't really necessary for P3D). This seems to have worked, and I don't see any of the Rex4 TD or Soft Clouds textures in either of the sims. Other than that I didn't do anything else with Rex4, other than clicking the "cloud sizing" checkbox. Regarding the immediately prior build, I realize now that I left something out of my OP. My update sequence is, I think, a bit out-of-the ordinary. Here's my Rex4 install sequence per Windows Control Panel, "Programs" (typed by me since WCP doesn't let you copy and paste): (Name/build version/install date/size) REX 4 - Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) 4.4.2015.0115 1/13/2016 16.8 GB REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - SP5 - Hotfix 1 4.7.2015.1006 1/13/2016 6.22 MB REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - SP5 (Patch) 4.7.2015.0818 1/13/2016 122 MB REX 4 - Texture Direct (with Soft Clouds) 4.8.2016.0210 3/9/2016 16.9 GB REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - SP6 - Hotfix 1 4.8.2016.0314 4/25/2016 1.10 MB REX 4 - Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - SP6 - Hotfix 2 4.8.2016.3025 4/25/2016 15.7 MB After I updated from P3D3.0 to P3D3.1, which was a complete uninstall + reinstall of P3D and Rex4, back on 1/13/2016, I ran into the problem where Rex4 could not create a backup of the P3D3.1 default textures, because LM had changed some filenames. So I never injected Rex4 textures into P3D3.1 (though I continued to use Rex4 with FSX-SE with no apparent problems). I posted about the error to this forum, but I can't find the post, so I don't have a record of which build I was using at the time. Then, on 3/9/2016, I upgraded to build 4.8.2016.0210. I hardly remember doing this, but there it is! It looks like a complete (16.9 GB) "reinstall", but 4.4.2015.0115, 4.7.2015.1006, and 4.7.2015.0818 are still there so I obviously didn't uninstall them! Even at this time, I didn't inject Rex4 textures into P3D3.1. When hotfix rextdsc_sp6_hotfix_20160314 came out, I downloaded it, but held off on installing it; that is, I never even unzipped it. When hotfix rextdsc_sp6_20160325 came out I first updated to hotfix rextdsc_sp6_hotfix_20160314 (that is, I unzipped it and ran setup.exe), because this is what the Rex4 app alerted me to when it checked for updates. After I installed hotfix rextdsc_sp6_hotfix_20160314 with no apparent problems, all I did was to bring up the Rex4 app and saw that it was then alerting me to the need for hotfix rextdsc_sp6_hotfix_20160325. I just exited, that is I didn't execute any functions, and went ahead and installed hotfix rextdsc_sp6_hotfix_20160325; again with no apparent problems. When I brought the Rex4 config program up after the install, I didn't get any alert for a need for another update. I even clicked the "check for updates" button, but still didn't (and still don't) get an alert. I then went through the sequence that I outlined in my OP. BTW, I have not been able to use the in-app update procedure. It has always downloaded only the "....exe" file which fails when it's executed because there are no other (i.e., ".msi") files. (Suspect virus/malware checking, though I only have Windows Defender active right now.) So, I manually download and install the updates. In these most recent cases: rextdsc_sp6_hotfix_20160314.msi size = 1,653,760 bytes setup.exe size = 613,956 bytes rextdsc_sp6_hotfix_20160325.msi size = 14,166,528 bytes rexinstaller.exe size = 614,996 bytes Again, both of these installed without apparent problems. BTW, the reason I started clicking on the "cloud sizing" checkboxes and started all this was seeing the checkboxes change from white to grey when switching from the FSX-SE radio button to the P3D radio button. I wasn't sure if "grey" meant "checked". Unfortunately, I didn't take screenshots of the dialog windows (I said "screens" in my OP, which was not accurate). They were windows with big, red bands that Rex4 displayed on top of the "parent" window, like it does when alerting you that you need to update the build. They weren't dialog "boxes", or windows that could be closed via the "x" gadget, and the underlying "parent" window was not accessible and was, in fact, "ghosted". In order to get screenshots, I'd have to do some or all of the things I did that caused me to open this topic. I opened this topic to avoid just trying it again without knowing what went wrong, because something certainly did go wrong. Adding to this concern is that Rex4, as far as I can tell, silently, deleted at least one folder (the P3D Shaders folder), even though I didn't actually inject any textures into P3D. In addition, as I described in my OP, I actually clicked the "OK" button to try (unsuccessfully) to get out of the dialog, even though I really didn't want to do anything with "cloud sizing", which is an issue I still don't understand. To reproduce the errors, I'd have to do that again, though I probably shouldn't have done it in the first place! So, if the only way to move forward on this topic is for me to redo the errors in order to get screenshots of what I've described as best I can, then feel free to close this topic. If I decide to use Rex4 again, I can stay away from "cloud sizing" and perhaps open another topic later if it's still broken for me and I decide its worth the risk. (Hopefully I won't lose track of this post like I did the last one!) Thanks for your help and, again, my apologies for taking so long to reply. I'll keep an eye on this topic from now on.
  6. I installed sp6 hotfix 20160325 for REX Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. I noticed the section in the UI for Cloud Sizing Algorithm. Since I was (and still am) uncertain about what the issue might be with "cloud sizing", I didn't want to do anything with this section until I worked out what it was doing. Still I wasn't sure if leaving the checkbox unchecked would cause some default behavior or if I needed to check the box. I decided to check thinking there would be a confirmation dialog that might reveal more. Sure enough, checking the "cloud sizing algorithm" box, though I didn't change the slider at all, invoked a confirmation screen with a "cancel" button on it (although it suggested that even cancelling out wouldn't stop some kind of update from occurring when I actually updated P3D, which isn't really what I wanted). When I clicked the "cancel" button, the confirmation screen simply refreshed itself, with no indication to me, that I could see, as to whether anything had been done or not. I clicked the "cancel" button several more times with the same result. Finally I decided to click the "OKAY" button, just to try and get out of the dialog, but this also resulted in the confirmation window being displayed again. In short, there was no way to get out of this dialog or to get out of Rex4 except by using the Windows 10 task bar to force a close of the entire Rex4 Window. After all of this, I found out that the "...appdata...Prepar3D V3\Shaders" folder was missing, but this caused no real problem. Note that before I clicked the "cloud sizing algorithm" checkbox, I had already used Rex4 to restore the textures to their pre-Rex4 state. This change seems to have taken, both for P3D and FSX-SE. In fact, there's no real problem that I've seen other than the Rex4 "cloud sizing algorithm" dialogs somewhat disconcerting behavior. I have not used Rex4 to implement any textures from my still existing saved themes. I'd like to see what might have gone wrong first, so I'm waiting for help with that.
  7. Oops! Missed your response again! Checked my email in box, spam and trash folders and didn't see anything from REX Support Forums. Just a heads up for you. It's not a problem for me. I will make it a point to check this topic for updates.
  8. Hi, Thanks for answering my questions. I now feel comfortable installing REX4 TD on my current computer and, when I find and purchase the perfect computer at the perfect price, installing REX4 TD on my new computer. Sorry, for the late reply to your prompt response. I clicked "follow this topic" and was expecting to get an email when someone responded, but I didn't get one (not even in my spam folder) unless I accidentally deleted it (Yahoo! clears the trash folder periodically). In any case, just a heads up since I obviously wasn't in a hurry for an answer! Thanks, again, Norvel
  9. Hi, This is my first post, here, so I hope I'm doing everything right... I've purchased REX4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds (REX4 TD) but I haven't completed the installation process beyond the End User License Agreement (EULA) acceptance page. I have some questions about the EULA that I hope this forum can help me with. !. I read the EULA as saying that only a SINGLE instance of REX4 TD can be installed and used on a SINGLE computer. I interpret this as saying that if I install REX4 TD on my existing computer, then buy a new computer (as I intend to do) I will have to buy another license for REX4 TD if I want to install and use it on that new computer. Is this correct? 2. I read the EULA as saying that only a single instance of REX4 TD can be installed and used on a computer even if that computer is capable of running multiple operating systems (for example Windows 7 and Windows 10), and that if I want to install and use REX4 TD on multiple operating systems on the same physical computer I will have to buy license for REX4 TD for every operating system I want to use on that same physical computer. Is this correct? 3. I read the EULA as being somewhat unclear as to whether or not a SINGLE copy of REX4 TD installed and running on a SINGLE computer can be used to install new textures on multiple instances of FSX and/or P3D whether these instances are installed on the same physical computer or on one or more computers running on a network. Is such a "one-to-many" use of REX4 TD possible and allowed? 4. If I choose not to complete the installation of REX4 TD on any computer, myself, could I re-sell or give away the license that I purchased but didn't make use of? Here's hoping some members of this forum can help me answer these questions. Thanks, Norvel
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