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  1. Dear Reed, I downloaded and everything went fine.Except i got an error of invalid serial I think it's because what you sent me is REX textures only while I have the serial for REX textures + soft clouds. best regards, Mohamed Albatran
  2. Dear members, I have a huge problem with installing REX I use the download manager it just installs in 2 seconds and when i open the folder all the files are 0 kb also I sent an email to the customer service with the problem they sent me a link with a 7GB file to download when i downloaded it and opened the folder and tried to run the installer it said this device is not compatible contact support. also there was another setup file when i tried to run it . it said check if you are using a 64 bit or 32 bit system and contact support for a new file. I don't know what to do I really want to use this program but until now it's frustrating. Sorry for my English. Best Regards, Mohamed Albatran
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