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  1. Ok, I will give that a try and let you know, thanks
  2. Right, but I have REx4 enhanced edition in my old computer, how can I reinstall it in my new computer?, do I download my original package from the flightsimstore (old website) and just do the upgrades? I was trying to run Rex4 texture from my old computer on a network, but even though I mapped and set the path to the new computer driver where the Simulator is it did not work, so I was going to reinstall it directly in my new one. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I previously bought REX4 Texture Direct & soft clouds for my fsx, I want to reinstall both in my new computer to run prepar3d, but I had bought REX4 on "Flighsimstore.com" and soft clouds on simmarket, how can I just reinstall both again (I do have the enhaced editions through upgrades) please advise. thank you. Manuel G
  4. Hello, I currently have Prepar3d V4 on my host machine and REX4 texture direct enhanced edition on my client machine running for my old FSX, I would like to know how to change the settings so I can use REX4 TD for Prepar3D that is installed in my host. So I basically would like to know how to network them together. I tried to change the settings to work from FSX to Prepar3dv4 but after changing the settings and the paths I try to change textures and the program closes, please advise how to network, thanks. Manuel
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