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  1. Hi 

    I have two Questions please

    I may have missed something but I can find where to Change the temperature from Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius ?

    Also Will the Locations where you Pull the Data from Be updated, My Location is NZGS, and where it pulls the Weather From is NZAA, the weather there can be completely Different IE today weather in GS is 30 degrees Celsius no clouds  in AA it was still hot But overcast with Showers so that's what I got at GS not the same 


    Greg Spooner  NZGS P3dV4 User 

  2. Hi


    I have upgraded my REX Essential and Overdrive pack to the latest version, I have ail so gone to P3D

    Having done so and purchasing the P3D activation.


    I can load Weather, Textures into the both FSX and P3D, But nether will load the game.

    I also have soft clouds that works fine load texture Fly now, it loads them.


    I saw a post saying same problems but can re find it one of the things is said was to run the Verification tool, Which I have I get


    Simconnect Connection Test :


    Error HRESUKT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to COm component


    RES Compatibility Test:


    REX Compatibility Valid


    PSD and REX3 are installed on My F: drive   F:\LM\P3D  and F:\LM\REX


    Im Running windows 7 pro

    Geforce GTX 670 (latest drivers)

    Intel core 17-3770k CPU @ 3.50GHZ

    16GB Ram

    F: Drive is a 1TB with 380Gb Free space

    I have a Good Internet,

    I also have the SDKs install for both.


    Other then this everything is great







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