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  1. Thank you for reply! So, the Weather Architect seems useless in Antarctica I belive that temperature in antarctic region should vary from -1°C(30F) to –30°C(-22F), even under clear-sky conditions. After all there is no flights in Antarctica during heavy snow, except for blind landings at emergency. Any chance for a polar extension in Weather Architect? I’ve read that Antarctica X is quite popular add-on and it has been updated recently. Due to lack of METAR stations in antarctic area, Weather Architect would be the only serious weather engine for this region.
  2. I’d like to use REX 4 Weather Architect to generate weather for Antarctica X scenery from Aerosoft. But I’m not sure if Weather Architect is able to model specific, antarctic conditions. Especially I’m affraid about temperature, because as far as I’ve seen, it cannot be set manually. And I’d expect temperatures about -30°C down there, even during antarctic summer.
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