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  1. Hurra....so far, so good...thks a million, now i have to find the weather image on the radar ;-)
  2. The directX temp folder is over 25 difefrent installs???? INFO FOR FOLLOWERS, THE SOLUTION WAS TO INSTALL THE ABOVE MENTIOD.
  3. This is how it looks. Pls. note in the addon bar nothing is mentiod about the radar.
  4. Have tried on the A319 born with the FSX, same result. Could it be a W10 Graphic card problem?
  5. Sorry cant find any error messages conected withs the FSXA (SE thats Steam Edion?)
  6. is it something like that you want? log radar.evtx
  7. Hi Dreamer Im using FSX Golds Edition installed via DVD on my PC. Henrik
  8. Yes i have the MV_WX in the gtauge folder, and here comes the Gauglog. gauge_installer_log.txt
  9. Sorry no luck, still black square. Bgds. Henrik
  10. OK thks Nauro-Kon, i will give it a try. Brgds, Henrik
  11. Hi Narato-Kun Is this the solution that Dreamer from Milvitz is writting about? (quote:Patience please. Our main coder is now sleeping but he will look at this first thing in his morning) Like this Brgds. Henrik
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