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  1. Outstanding! Works fine now! Thank you!!
  2. Have reinstalled a few times but no luck. When i first load up REX after reinstalling the FSX directory path is automatically inputted. When i try to use any functions the program crashes and when it is reopened the directory is missing again and back to square 1. Anybody got any idea? Getting frustrated now! haha
  3. Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply! FSX is install on a different drive from the OS and is not in the program files folder. REX 4 is crashing as soon as i try enter the directory path. Wont even get as far at the FSX directory. Occasionally and cash log will appear on screen but quite rarely. Thanks
  4. Hi there, I have just recently bought REX4 but im having issues. The program opens fine but when i navigate into the setting menu the FSX instillation path is empty. When i go into search for the FSX path REX freezes. I am running REX as an administrator and have checked my anti virus isn't blocking anything. Any ideas? Im running Windows 7 64bit Intel i7 16gb Ram Thank you David
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