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  1. yep... I give you also the name of my graphic card GeForce GTX 970
  2. no. do not work. still... i'm going to think to format my disc and reinstall all over again... is incredible, it has work without problems for ages... suddendly it can't read the folder... really really don't know... even tried to uninstall fsx and install it again... other ideas guys before the "C:format armageddon"? :-)
  3. Ok, here I am ... sorry for the delay in my answer but I'm quite always very busy at work no, nothing has worked. I tried evrything you told me.. but nothing.. really seems the REX menu is just a picture, the picture of himself ... evrithing has started with the three icons (I just want to fly, I like to create, I wanto to follow a flight plan) that has totally disappeared from the menu. I decided then to unisntall and install the program: with or without antivirus, with or without firewall but I'm still stuck in the moment he asks me to find out the fsx main folder: browse and no reaction. fsx on steam. I also have Ultimate terrain europe but they never had conflicts. What you think about unistall and install again fsx?
  4. hi, thank you for your ready answer.. well yes i refer to REX Essential + overdrive HD I work out points 2 -3- 4 but no good news .. regarding point #1 can you explain me what is UAC and where I find the settings for that? by the way, I use just windows antivirus.. and i already de-activate it totally again and again trying to make it work even during the installation progress than during the operational moment of the program (naturally I tried again as you told me). thank you again for your kindness found out the version: 3.8.2014.1126
  5. Hello and sorry if this problem has already been solved somewhere else in this forum, but I checked and I didn't found anything may help me... I use REX since several years and I never had a problem with it. Recently and suddendly I wasn't able to see some "buttons" on the main interface and I though "let's uninstall and install it again, who knows.." but here the problem got worst: in the beginnig the program asks you to browse and set the simulator folder location: I do what is due but nothing happens. Is like nothing is working and the program is just an uninteractive picture. I tried to check the version but the pop - up asking the folder still remain there and I can't do anything else indeed. really can't understand what is going on and how to deal with it. FSX Steam version (never had problem with REX) Win 10 can't check REX version thank you in advance for your help
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