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  1. Order #1004185 (Completed) Order Date: Friday 05 January, 2018 1 xREX SkyForce 3D for FSX and P3D
  2. Post for owner verification: fs pilot shop Order #630532 (Completed) Order Date: Tuesday 27 January, 2015 1 x Real Environment Extreme - REX4 Texture Direct 1 x REX - Soft Clouds for FSX & P3D
  3. Hi! I'm trying to get my REX 4 HD updated, but web site files is marked as virus and I can't access files. Norton AV, Windows Defender and Google blocked all files from upodate web site. So, could you help me? Please!
  4. !!!!!!!!!!!!! When I try to update, IE, Chrome and Norton delete update file (setup) and don't let me salve downloaded file. And Chrome shows an information that this web site is trying to spread virus. Help me! I want to update to SP4 REX Texture Direct REX FSX order # 630532 FSPilotShop.com ------------------------------------------------------ Order Number: 630532 Date Ordered: Tuesday 27 January, 2015 Here are the 2 license keys/serial numbers associated with your order.
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