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  1. Excellent. Thanks a lot, and sorry - I should have looked at the manual first. I apologize and appreciate the reply. Cheers. -Mark
  2. I can usually solve all p3d problems with google searching, but can't find anything on this. I have a weird issue with the latest REX Environment Force update. I get a REX settings window in the upper left corner that I can't close, or undock and move out of the way (see attached screenshot). I've confirmed this is related to the Environment Force program as it doesn't happen if I uninstall the program. Is there a setting I can tweak to hide this? Thanks for your time. Mark EDIT: What I found is that none of the Windows controls to close, minimize, or scroll the window were available, even after the suggestion to hover over the corner to resolve it. After a lot of messing around, I discovered that the controls are available only if you are viewing the upper left portion of your screen on your main monitor in Windows. I have four monitors, and the upper left monitor where this is displayed is not my main monitor in Windows. Once I made it my main window, the controls were available. I still don't understand how to toggle it on, though. It would be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut to turn it on/off and that it didn't matter which display the UI is visible on.
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