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  1. HTH, Thanks for the information. Now it is time to experiment features on both products. J
  2. Hi, My understanding is a little bit better. Thanks. But once again... What about if you select in P3D in weather themes [CLEAR SKIES], no SF, and EF real-time weather data read "on" while local weather is rainy? What is the final result? Rainy or clear skies? And, if you select under same conditions P3D themes [REX Weather Sync] SF off and, EF "on" What happen now? Julio
  3. Hi, I still have problems to understand totally how SF works along with EF and when EF is working alone. I can see EF shows the option >enable real-time weather data read< so, if you do not open SF What happen now? What weather do I have? Additionally you can see information in the In Sim weather conditions and the weather station. Am I experimenting real weather? Finally, turning on EF alone, What happen with P3D weather menu/themes? How is EF working a what is EF doing? Thanks Julio
  4. Hi, Clearly, it is working well now since I used the procedure you sent by mail in order to solve the problem of keeping registration. No more OFF status in >enable automatic texture sync<. I do not why but both problems were solved with it: Step 1- Right Click on the following folder: {drive name}:\Program Files\Lockheed Marting\Prepar3D v4 Step 2 - Select the Properties option on the popup menu, then click on the Security Tab on the new window. Step 3 - In the new window click the Edit button. Step 4 - A new window will open and under the Group or User names section select your username. Step 5 - Then under the Permissions for users, click on the Full Control checkbox. Then click Apply and OK. Step 6 - Close the rest of the windows Thanks for your support, Julio
  5. Hi, Need to know. What does it mean when OFF appears after select Enable automatic texture syc? Is it correct? Thanks Julio
  6. Hi there, If we want to be strict with respect to how to start using P3D with EF and SF, please inform the correct order of each one. Which one is first, second and third? Thanks, Julio
  7. Hi, Unable to keep registration on Environment Force Every time I open Environment Force it is required to submit al the information. Thanks, Julio
  8. Hi, Do you have an estimated date to release the updated version? Thanks Julio
  9. Hi, Testing the software with P3D 4.3, integrated weather and Beechcraft it works well. What you see on radar is congruent with weather. As mentioned, using the P3D integrated weather themes y get fast response and a very good behavior. Turning on Sky Force and using WX Adv. Radar I do not get the same result. Let me know your recommendations in order to solve this. Thanks, Julio
  10. Hi there, It seems something is wrong with WX. Please let me know if it is normal to get a limited radar image (semicircle) after several minutes of operation. Initially it seems to work well showing weather information using the whole display and not only a doughnut-shaped image. P3D 4.3 --- A319 FSLabs and 737 PMDG Thanks in advance, Julio Order number CIRZFWICE
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