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  1. Ok, good to hear you are aware. I would say its wind change to be blame. At crusing alt a 15 kts IAS impact may result easily in aircraft overspeeding. Maybe its a matter of smoothing that change during wx update.
  2. Yes. Change of the weather simply results in rapid change of aircraft’s speed. I need to slow down then back to mach 0.8 and continue. Or vice versa to increase speed after it dropped from 0.8 to 0.75. It happens both in P3D v3 and v4. It is usually connected with some altitude change but not so significant to justify mach 0.8 to 0.87 change. Lets say 31000 ft to 31500 ft.
  3. Hi, Anyone knows how to prevent significant changes during weather update? Sometimes my mach speed is increasing from 0.8 event to 0.87 causing dramatic interuption to flight path. Regards, Kris
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