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  1. Wait, have I broken a rule or something? Oh I know what you mean, nvm about my comment above XD
  2. OK, Firstly, I want to say a big thanks to the admins that gave me support with my specs for REX. I brought it a few days ago and its fantastic, great FPS in the sky, when taking off at BUSY airport (I have traffic 360) It does stutter a bit. But nothing too serious, so for GT 620 that's pretty good! ANYWAY So, I want to do a real flight plan using REX. And I don't know if this is issue or something I am doing wrong. I click on Create your own flight plan, Select my weather and then I add my aircraft 747 Add my departure airport EGLL (Heathrow) My arrival airport KJFK I leave Alternate blank. Set my altitude and my speed and all the rest of it. Then click SUBMIT. Comes up with a overview of my flight plan and I click FLY NOW. After this REX closes and FSX SE comes up with that default logo picture. Then It loads up as if it hasn't loaded my flight plan. Just the menu, with Ultra light selected at Friday Harbour. No flight loaded in the flight planner. I don't know what this is, a issue or something I am doing wrong? I am supposing after clicking FLY NOW in REX. You will automatically have the loading screen for the flight and then you appear with the flight plan loaded and at your departure airport. None of the menu stuff in FSX. Anyway, If I could have some help It will be great! I want to start doing my flight plans within FSX! Thanks in Advance Captain Fergusson
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