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  1. Just getting verified My signature includes, where I brought, order number from where I brought And my REX Product key.
  2. Thanks for moving it back! Cheers for the advice.
  3. Oh, then theres an issue... Admins? Any advice? If someone who can access it could get the reply from the topic and paste it here, that would be great. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I recently posted a topic, about my specs and help, to see if my computer is worthy enough of being able to run REX. It got moved to hardware topics, but I don't have permission to view it apparently... I know I need REX verification. But the whole point of the topic was asking if my PC is good enough to run it, BEFORE I buy it. It got a reply, from a Admin, can it just be posted onto this topic, so I can read your answer? Or could I just have quick access so I can read the reply to my topic? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello there! I am new to these forums, and I really want to buy REX Essential plus, My first REX add on I would have ever brought. For FSX. I do have a problem though, I don't know if it will run at a good FPS and performance with my specs! Its the graphics card I am most concerned about, But I am including my other specs too. I HAVE Looked at the minimum system requirements and it I need a minimum of 2GHz my CPU can do 3.20Ghz. So I am assuming that's ok? I looked at my other specs and I think they are ok, but its my Graphics card I am most worried about. I looked to see if its at least 1GB minimum, says that my maximum is 2763mb Assuming that's 2GB? I am not much of an expert, anyway here's the important parts, the specs. If you guys could just let me know if REX will run fine or if not, the steps I should take. Thanks! SPECS: GRAPHICS CARD: NVidia GT 620 Processor: AMD A8 5500 3.20Ghz Hard drive space: 1TB (currently 580GB free space) Memory: Currently 1.7GB of memory. Thank you! Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place, haven't taken a good look around yet. And apologies if I have broken any rules with this thread, as I have yet to read the rules.
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