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  1. P3Dv4. I have REX TD HD with SC, the new version. I also use PTA. On your site there's just so many PTA presets with the label, Sky Texture Sets. How do I know which one to use? I mean If I use three different sets of sky colors in my REX which one do I download for PTA? Thanks.
  2. Not a problem, I am new to REX, 4 days. How was I supposed to know they don't have a working forum system? It makes it a little tougher to have to come to the site and look for replies. I understand it's a holiday. No problem.
  3. First, I have in the "More Reply Options" menu set to send me an email when someone responds but it's not working. Frustration. What I'm looking for is an answer to my post about the water colors I just posted a second ago. You can delete this thread it you want as I just replied to you in another one. But why am I not getting replies via email like every other forum? I just bought this four days ago and my frustration level is now pretty high. Sorry.
  4. When I look at the amount of of forum posts with zero replies yet a lot of views it makes me wonder why no one answers posts. Do I have to go somewhere else for simple questions to be answered? Or do I have have to ask for a refund as I just bought this like four days ago? Tim, you out there? Not all of us celebrate Easter but I respect those that do but come on, a little help here to some very simple questions would be nice.
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