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  1. Ok, I finally wanted to get back to ya'll and not leave you hanging. First, thank you for your patience. I took your advice and re-downloaded the program from my account on your site. But I wanted to make sure my registry was clean so I did a search and found no iterations of REX with RegEdit. So I installed it on drive D. And it runs and I installed my favorite textures and all is working perfectly. I know you guys are most likely busy at the Vegas so show I wanted to say thank you vey much, now I'm a happy camper.
  2. Yes. It runs first, then tells me it's going to place the INSTALLATION files on the root of C. THEN, I go to C and run the INSTALLER and IT saves all the files to Z. It did that the first time because I chose Z. I like Z, I have P3D on Z. Z is NOT networked. But, as I indicated, if I wipe everything completely it STILL wants to install to Z which tells me the uninstaller in Windows and CC didn't remove ALL the registry entries. In a few minutes I'll be running RegEdit and I hope I don't find any REX entries. I'm sure I will else why would it keep trying to install to Z AFTER I uninstalled it AND ran CC? Sorry, but after the fiasco with FSLabs I now trust no one.
  3. And, please tell where I can download it without having to re-buy it.
  4. Sorry about being confused. I uninstalled. Cleaned the registry using CC Cleaner. Thought I would reinstall it but this time use a DIFFERENT path, but it would not LET me even CHOOSE a path. It kept on installing to the Z drive so I think there's something still in the registry that the uninstaller didn't remove nor did CC Cleaner remove. And yes, it is completely off my system, I uninstalled it using the Control Panel in Windows 10 Pro then ran CC Cleaner but I have a feeling it will STILL install into the Z drive even after a fresh download. I see I am not the only one with Windows 10 Pro having problems getting this to install. It installed perfectly on my past PC with Windows 7 64. Can you assure me 100% that it does not leave traces in my registry because I can use RegEdit and do a search, and this is now AFTER I uninstalled it, used CC Cleaner, and the installer is totally off my PC. If I find some remnants in my registry I will NOT be happy!
  5. Ok, I had the time today so this is what I did. I first went to the Control Panel and uninstalled REX. Then I deleted all REX folders on the C drive and the Z drive. Ran CC Cleaner and got rid of all Registry entries. And here is where it gets weird. I rebooted the PC. Then I re-ran the installer, it placed the installer files on the root of the C drive, so I ran it. But for some reason it placed the files back on Z! It did NOT give me a path choice this time so there must STILL be some registry entry that tells it to go back to the Z drive. Now it's completely off my system, I await any further advice.
  6. This is the way they built the PC, it was the same on my last PC, Z drive for P3D and I wouldn't know how to network a system for anything in the world, no idea how to do that. When I ran the installer it told me it was going to place the INSTALLATION files on the C drive. So when it was finished I ran the INSTALLER from the C drive. Then it asked me where I wanted it to place REX itself so I told it to put it in the root directory of the Z drive. So when I run it the program will come up, I can click on sky color sets and even have it add to a theme, but if I click on too many it'll crash. When I run it again if I just click once on Themes it crashes to the desktop. Yes sir, I do that with all programs, in fact I go to Compatibility and make sure it's set to Run As Administrator too.
  7. Anyone in REX official support any ideas before I uninstall?
  8. Saw this in another post, tried it but no, it still crashes. Nope, no networked drive, wouldn't even know how to network a drive.
  9. I just got a new PC and installed the same version of REX onto it after I wiped my other one clean. Version 4.17.2017.0818 This what I did. I ran the installer, it saved all the installation files to C: Then I went into the C: folder and ran the installer. I had it install to Z:REX. When I run it it will come up but as soon as I click on the themes icon it crashes to desktop. ========SYSTEM / OPERATING SPECS======== 1.) Windows Operating System: 10 Pro 2.) Antivirus/Malware Software: None 3.) Firewall Software: Windows Pro but I added REX to it. 4.) Flight Simulator Platform: P3D 4.1 5.) Drive/Folder location where flight simulator installed: Z:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 6.) Drive/Folder location where REX software installed: Z:\REX 7.) Do you have UAC (User Account Control) set to "never notify": Yes
  10. Yes, I had REX installed in P3D v 3.4. So I had to uninstall everything and re-run the installer I thought was V4 ready, then I made it work by directing it to the V4 directory. I hope I didn't mess anything up as I thought this was for V4 since my friends told me they had it running. Now I know that only TD is ready.
  11. Is there a way I can get JUST TD and not soft clouds as I use ASCA anyway.
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