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  1. I use P3Dv4.5 Pro Plus on three PCs (using LM's Multichannel - one host and two clients). The host PC runs P3D but does not render any of the outside-the-cockpit-window views; those are done by the clients. That's all the clients do. Also on the host, I have the Active Sky weather engine and I use Sim Innovations' Air Manager for my instrument panel. On each client, I have a licensed copy of Sky Force 3D and Texture Direct/Soft Clouds. Question: how many licenses of Environment Force do I need? Do I simply put one copy of EF on the host, thinking that it will drive the views on the clients appropriately? Or, does each client require a copy of Environment Force? Will the clients' views be synchronized? Thanks much. Scott
  2. I would like to create a hardware-based version of the REX Wx Radar using a separate small monitor, Arduino, Mobiflight or Air Manager, digital encoders and rotary switches, similar to available hardware devices for Garmin GPS GTN/GNS/etc. Questions: 1. Can the Wx Radar be displayed without the bezel (since I would use actual knobs in their place)? 2. Are the Wx Radar variables available so I can read/write from/to them? Thanks. Scott
  3. Thanks. I'll try that next time I'm able to sit in front of my flight sim. I'll let you know how that goes.
  4. I did as you said. WX Radar now shows up, however, I'm unable to turn it on. When I click next to any of the knobs or switches, they will only rotate counter-clockwise. Since the main switch is in the "Off" position in the most counter-clockwise position, there is no way to turn it on. Scott
  5. Thanks for reply. I temporarily disabled MS Security Essentials and was able to download/install WX Advantage Radar. I now have two new problems. 1. When I initiate REX/ASN/FSX:SE, I set weather to Clear Skies (clears all weather). Once the flight starts, it's pouring rain. 2. I used the WX Weather Radar control panel to install the weather radar to the default FSX:SE DC-3. When I attempt to load the DC-3, I get a error saying, "MV_WX.dll incompatible with this simulator. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. Scott
  6. Attempted downloading WX Advantage several times. First attempt: received wxrad_20160504.zip. Extracted all files. There was no .exe file to select. Double clicked on .msi file and received notice that it can only be run from a bootstrapper. Tried to download again. Second and subsequent attempts: Windows Security Essentials tell me the file (same filename as before) contains a virus and was deleted. Now what? Thanks. Scott
  7. I must not be too bright. I'm confused. I have Rex4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds version 4.4.2015.0115. I clicked on the "i" (Program Information). I didn't see anything called "About" within Rex4 application. Within the program information section, I clicked on the "Check for Updates" button. Red banner showed up saying "You need to update to version 4.7.2015.0818. Click OK to update your version of REX Texture Direct." I clicked OK. My View Downloads immediately opened with setup.exe and an opportunity to hit "Run", which I did. It said "The installation package could not be opened..." So, follow what I though were your instructions, I clicked on "Download Now!" near the top of this page. That took me to a page with many options for downloading updates and hotfixes (are those the same thing?). I scanned through the options. I didn't find one that had as a requirement the version of REX 4 (4.4.2015.0115) that's on my computer. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Scott
  8. I have the same problem. Saw gets reply. Clicked Check for updates within REX. Got the same results. Now what? Thanks. Scott
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