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  1. Here you go hope this was the right Number "Your order #148842". That was in the Email Subject Line Dion
  2. Sure no problem, is there a mechanism in place for me to do that. I didn't want to just give it out here in a open form such as this, unless that is OK. I will say, that I bought your product through PC Aviators web site. I am kind of big on security so I don't know what is the proper method to give that to you. But im more than happy to do so. Please let me know Dion Markgraf aka: Dionsol G+ Dion Markgraf (Dionsol)
  3. That is very cool, and I'm looking forward to it. But it sounds like you guys still got a lot of work ahead of you. Hope it will be ready, polished for Prime Time by Q4 of this year. I know these things take a long time to make, when you are doing it right, and I'm grateful for that. It is always good to see quality in stuff that people do. And in return (besides giving them money) tell them they did a good job when they do. When I do my jobs, that's all I ask from my customers is to say Dion you did a great job. It makes me feel good and gives me a sense that I made someones life a little better. So I guess in the mean time, I'll just use the Default weather in FSXSE. Oh well, that's the way it has to be, because I still Gotta Fly, cause that's what us Simmers do. Cheers Dionsol
  4. Hello all, I just thought I would start this thread and ask a very simple question. How is a development of Direct Weather going along. I noticed in another topic in this form the developer blog, was dated the 14th of October of last year. And we're now in march of this year 2015, so I thought I would ask for the update. I recently purchased Direct Texture & Soft Clouds combo pack. So now I'm in the market for a weather engine. I played around with active sky on their trial, but I did not commit to it because I would like to know how direct weather is going to work and the fact that it was $49.00 USD, which in my opinion, is too expensive. But what do I know, right! What got me back into flight simulator, was without a doubt the steam sale for FSX for $9.99. Personally, if you want to get more people in the community, and grow the community. That was a smart move to do. We live in a world of free to play, buy to play and other business models. And the low buy in in my opinion is the best way to go, to grow your business & community in the long run. I am a casual flight Sim'er so please don't hate me for my noobness. Cheers Dionsol CS E-465 Southern California Mojave Desert PS: Does REX Game Studios have a G+ account, just curious So I can follow their adventures. (I don't use facebook sorry)
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