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  1. Never mind guys I fixed it. Had to start EF first then start the sim. I’m assuming that’s the issue
  2. Hey guys I’m getting this error as well. I noticed there was a thread open about it but I didn’t see a fix thanks
  3. I’ve had this issue today, so if we turn off debug mode PMDG will load?
  4. That seems to have solved my issue so far. So far so good! Thanks
  5. Ok will do thanks for replying and I’ll let you know
  6. Good day guys, Just bought EF and I must say I’m very happy with it. All was working fine until I got this error from SQL see attached pic. I’m running everything as admin, V4.5, windows 10 all latest updates. Any help is greatly appreciated
  7. Does AS16 overwrite Soft Clouds in any way or do they both work together at all times
  8. I already updated so will I just update again when the soft clouds version comes out?
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