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  1. I see. Are there any plans for a fix ?
  2. Hello. In all of them. I downloaded the installer yesterday from simmarket, so I assume it already includes the p3d4 patch correct ?
  3. Hi guys I have REX Worldwide installed and I have just moved from FSX to P3Dv4. Now, I can only see the installed runway lights textures when I'm 1 meter away from it. Beyond that, they all look like white bulbs of light regardless of what texture I have selected. Is there a fix for this ? Thanks Eduardo
  4. Hello guys. Ever since I installed Worldwide Airports I've been having issues with missing objects (terminals, hangars, jetways). On some airports (KMIA, for example), none of the buildings appear, only the jetways. On others (SBFZ for example, nothing appears, only the markings on the ground). On the other hand, at EDDH everything works fine. And besides that, on all add on sceneries that make use of the default jetways and other objects, these objects don't appear at all. I use FSX + ORBX Global / Vector + REX Texture direct. Hope someone can shed some light on this. Thanks Eduardo
  5. Hello ! Bought the product from FS Store, downloaded and unzipped it ok. After unzipping, I see several .cab files and one application file (rexessencialod). When I try to open it, I get an error message saying: Windows cannot find the specified file/path. And after that, my Norton AntiVirus deletes the file. Downloaded again and got the same message. Bought it again from Simmarket, and got the same message. Hope you guys can help me with that. Thanks eduardo
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